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‘Riverdale’ Releases 2018 Highlight Reel + Exclusive Season 3 Footage At San Diego Comic-Con

Could Season 3 of Riverdale introduce a cult!?

The first season of the CW’s hit show, Riverdale, was all about the murder of Jason Blossom. Who killed him? Why? It was very much a murder mystery. The show’s second season continued that tone, but added on an intense horror element by throwing a serial killer into the heart of the town. Add the Lodges on top of that, plus the gang rivalry? It’s safe to say that the town is falling apart, and fast. And though the Black Hood, Betty’s father, is behind bars, things are far from over, as the footage from SDCC proves.

Though we didn’t get a full trailer, Riverdale released a highlight reel along with a short clip of footage from Season 3 that shows us things are just getting crazier from here. Betty awakens in the middle of the night only to find that there is a fire burning bright in their backyard, and surrounding it are people dressed all in white, including her mother and Polly. It’s all very southern gothic. But that’s not all. Alice and Polly Cooper hold the twins in their hands, and lift them over the fire, as if performing some kind of ritual. Yeah, you read that right. Could Season 3 of Riverdale introduce a cult? It would make sense considering that Polly has been living at a farm that sounds awfully suspicious! And what if Alice joins? It seems the drama with the Coopers is just beginning.

The good news? Archie is out of custody! For now, at least.

Watch the highlight reel and exclusive footage of Season 3 of Riverdale down below.


Riverdale Returns This October. 

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