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We Finally Have The Title And Poster For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 8

There is so much they can do with this!

San Diego Comic-Con is officially underway, and as anyone in the entertainment/geek world will know, we’re in for a whirlwind of announcements. This is the weekend. Trailers, sneak peeks, announcements, you name it, SDCC’s got it. And as of this morning, that includes the title of American Horror Story Season 8!

The FX horror series is known for its mystery. Every season features a new theme with new characters, though actors such as Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters consistently appear in every single season, sometimes as the protagonist, sometimes as the villain. And each season has had a different vibe to it. Some are more rooted in reality, Murder House, for example. Some deal with higher powers, aliens and witches, AKA Asylum and Coven. Season 8, according to creator Ryan Murphy, will be along the lines of the latter, and that isn’t surprising now that we know the title.

Drum roll, please!

American Horror Story Season 8 Apocalypse
Credit: FX

And there we have it! Apocalypse is the theme of Season 8, and there are so many possible routes they can go. It’ll be interesting to see what AHS does with it! The season will, as per tradition, star Paulson and Peters, as well as see the return of fan-favourite Kathy Bates, who was absent last season. Exciting news!

American Horror Story Returns To FX This September. 

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