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Trailer Watch: Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Take A Twisted Turn With ‘A Simple Favor’

The eerie crime thriller is set to be released in September of this year.

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with Anna Kendrick. She’s quirky, relatable, and absolutely hilarious. I’ve never disliked her in a film (and yes, that includes Twilight)! And A Simple Favor, from the trailer, seems to be no exception. Taking a break from comedy, Kendrick stars alongside Blake Lively in this crime thriller directed by Paul Feig.

Emily (Lively) has always been a bit of an anomaly. She’s beautiful, but tries not to be seen. She shrouds herself in mystery, purposefully never getting too close to anyone, including her husband. So when she goes missing, it’s up to her best friend, Stephanie (Kendrick), to find her. But what will she uncover about her friend in the process? After all, you never know what skeletons you’ll find hanging in someone’s closet.

Both Anna Kendrick and director Paul Feig are known for their work in comedy, so it’s incredibly exciting to see them branch out in this eerie thriller! Many are already drawing comparisons to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, and if it’s anything like that, it will no doubt be a huge success. Based on the novel by Darcey Bell and adapted by Jessica Sharzer, who is known for her work on the terrifying FX show, American Horror Story, this is definitely one to add to your list!

Watch the official trailer for A Simple Favor down below.


A Simple Favor Will Be Released In September 2018.

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