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‘GLOW’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Concerned Women Of America

Debbie and Ruth team up to write a PSA on teen pregnancy to appease the network; meanwhile Cherry struggles at her new job.

GLOW‘s second episode of Season 2 was all about newcomer Yolanda, who replaced Cherry as Junk Chain. So, it’s only fitting that this episode we got to catch up with Cherry and see how she’s liking her new job. But even before Episode 3’s opening title rolls, it’s clear things aren’t going as well as she hoped.

Cherry is, first and foremost, a stuntwoman. And she’s amazing at what she does. But, as it turns out, she’s not the best actress. This episode kicks off with Cherry filming a scene for her new show, where she plays one of the lead cops. She jumps over a rail and slides over a car while chasing down a suspect, pinning him down on the hood of the car effortlessly. But when it’s time for her to read him his rights…she stumbles, unable to remember her lines. So, she calls in the guy she trusts most: Keith Bang, her husband.

Cherry’s freaking out, dealing with glares and eye rolls from the entire cast and crew. She’s never been a lead before, and never had so much trouble on set. But Keith sits and run lines with her until they’re burned into her brain. And it works! The next take they do, she remembers every single word. The only problem? She sounds so monotone, it’s almost robotic. She focuses so much on remembering her lines that she doesn’t put any emotion into them. And that’s just as bad as not remembering them at all.

Glow Season 2 Episode 3 Cherry Hair Transformation
Credit: Netflix

The next day when she shows up for hair and makeup, her hairdresser informs her they’re completely revamping her look. She starts to panic, especially when she reads the new script and sees that she has no lines. She’s extremely hesitant to go along with it, but she can’t take getting fired from the one big gig she landed. And so, she lets her hairdresser spend hours changing her hair, crying the whole time. It’s heartbreaking to watch her go through a transformation she doesn’t want, for a job she may not even get to keep.

By the end of it, Cherry locks herself up in her trailer, refusing to come out. Nothing Keith says or does will get her out, so he turns to Sam. Sam refuses to go help her, but Keith isn’t taking no for an answer.

“Okay, now look, man. Anytime you need Cherry, she shows up for you. She taught a bunch of actresses how to wrestle so you look like you knew what the fuck you were doing!”

Keith’s right. Sam owes Cherry big time, and in the end, he comes through. He ends up getting her to open her trailer, revealing her new short and straight hairstyle. She’s been crying, that much is obvious, and she has no idea what she’s doing wrong. No one will tell her. But Sam will. The three of them review the tapes, and Sam tells her that as great of a stuntwoman as she is, maybe even the best in the industry, she’s never been trained as an actress. The words and emotions aren’t connecting, and it’s just not working. It’s obvious by this point that Cherry won’t be able to keep this job, but she doesn’t want to get fired, either. So, Sam steps up. He calls the network and insists that he needs Cherry back for GLOW, that the show won’t work without her. He suggests that instead of a show about two cops, it’s about a cop whose partner gets brutally murdered in the first episode. The network loves it. Cherry will still have a job, and she won’t have to suffer through being fired. Sam may be terrible a lot of the time, but he has moments of goodness. Of course, this may become an issue for Yolanda and Cherry, but I’m sure it’ll work out. I hope, at least!

Glow Season 2 Episode 3 Teen Pregnancy PSA.jpg
Credit: Netflix

Meanwhile, back at the gym, Glen sits down with the producers of GLOW and tells them that a small but powerful group, the Concerned Women of America, are, well, concerned! Specifically about the message that GLOW is sending to young women and children. It’s too sexy, too violent. Luckily, they can appease the group without changing the show, all they have to do is put out a PSA that shows GLOW cares. Sam couldn’t care less, so he gives the job to Debbie, telling her he’ll film whatever she writes. Just keep it simple and easy.

When she runs into Ruth at the food table, she seems a little overwhelmed, acting, producing and now writing. So, Ruth offers to help, and Debbie actually accepts! This seems like a great step forward! The girls brainstorm and come up with a script about teen pregnancy, and why you shouldn’t give into peer pressure to have sex. They go to type it on Sam’s typewriter, until they realize that neither of them know how to type. It’s kind of surprising to watch, thinking of a time not too long ago where many people didn’t know how to type! Especially when you consider the fact that most of us do it everyday. But luckily, Sheila knows how to type, and type fast, and with her help the script is done in no time.

The next day all of the ladies, with the addition of Bash, get together to shoot the PSA. Justine plays the teenager (yes, she’s back!), Bash plays her pressuring boyfriend, and Carmen plays her angry, attention-hogging baby. The PSA is both funny and quirky, but it manages to drive home the point, and definitely shows you how scary babies can be when you’re not ready for them! But Debbie isn’t quite happy with it. She wants to redo her narration, and asks Ruth to stay. And this is where the fun turns sour.

Glow Season 2 Episode 3 Ruth and Russell
Credit: Netflix

You see, Ruth and Russell have been hitting it off all season, and this episode, it escalates. He has two tickets to a Ruth Gordon Film Festival, and invites her to accompany him. Yep, he asks her on a date. And while she’s hesitant about getting involved with someone at work, she wants to go with him. She’s charmed by him, and the attention he’s paid to her and her interests. They’re supposed to go on their date after they finish shooting the PSA. But when Debbie asks Ruth to stay late with her, she feels she can’t say no. She explains to Russell that Debbie’s going through a divorce, and she doesn’t want to go home. Ruth wants to be there for her, maybe even feels she owes it to her. Russell’s hurt, obviously, but he can’t stop her. And as much as you feel bad for Ruth, you can’t help but be proud of her, too, for being there for Debbie. That is, until we learn it was all just a scam.

Debbie overheard Ruth making plans with Russell. She kept her late to record and rerecord narrations that were perfectly fine to begin with just to ruin her plans. She’s more than civil, she’s kind to Ruth all day until the end, when Ruth asks if she wants to get dinner or drinks. Ruth is just trying to be nice and help her escape the drama at home. But Debbie turns cold instantly, saying that she’s paying a babysitter, and every second she wastes talking to her is more money she’s losing. As she walks out the door, she flippantly says that she’s sorry Ruth missed her date with Russell. I’m sorry to say I’ve lost a lot of respect for Debbie because of this moment. If she’s still mad at Ruth, fine. But be upfront about it. The way she’s passive-aggressively manipulating her former best friend is pretty horrible, even considering what Ruth did to her last season. Ruth deserves better, and quite honestly, I thought Debbie was above this. No one likes a mean girl.

Glow Season 2 Episode 3 ladies
Credit: Netflix

As for the other girls? They’re all doing well except for the fact that none of them have had sex in weeks, even months. The only one having sex every week is Justine, the teenager of all people! The girls are determined to change that, but Mel-Rose is having some…stomach problems, let’s just say. Jenny helps her get rid of that, but at a price: Mel-Rose’s beloved lucky jacket. And by the time she gets to the party, she sees Jenny making out with the guy she had her eyes on. Guess her jacket was lucky, after all!

For previous recaps and more on Netflix’s GLOW, visit our official GLOW page. And stay tuned for a recap of Episode 4!

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