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‘GLOW’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Candy Of The Year

Sam is still punishing Ruth, while Debbie tries to get her voice heard. We learn more about the new girl, Yolanda.

Welcome back to our GLOW recaps! Episode 1 left us with a shocking turn of events with Reggie, AKA Vicky the Viking, getting fired for standing up for Ruth. And Sam wasn’t stopping there. He may not have fired Ruth, but it’s clear he wants to punish her. Meanwhile, Debbie, currently divorcing Mark, is determined to take things into her own hands and becomes a producer on the show. But as she finds out during this episode, the title means nothing without respect.

Episode 2 kicks off with a live taping that isn’t going too well. The matches are dragging on and the audience looks bored out of their minds. They can barely keep people in their seats, and after the successful pilot, that’s not a great sign. But the girls are doing everything they can, even Ruth, despite the fact that she’s been sidelined. This woman is a fighter if I’ve ever seen one. She continuously asks Sam what she can do to help, even though he wants nothing to do with her. She’s trying to help the show run as smoothly as possible and keep boosting morale even though she has every right to sit in the corner and sulk. But that isn’t her way. Though, we can’t help but notice that Sam’s childish behavior is what’s causing GLOW‘s problems. As Russell, the cameraman she worked with in Episode 1, points out:

“Probably be a lot better if he put his best wrestler in instead of punishing her for making that boss-as-hell title sequence.”

Sure, he may just be hitting on her, but quite frankly, he’s right! Sam’s acting like a child, and everyone knows it.

Meanwhile, Justine is starting to come to terms with the fact that her father is…well, her father. He isn’t showing any signs of changing soon. When she visits him at work to grab his house keys, he’s flippant and mean. Sure, he’s at work, but he definitely didn’t need to be rude yet again to his long-lost daughter. Later, Justine goes to her boyfriend Billy’s gig in a run-down punk venue. She stands behind the merch table, loyal and supportive girlfriend she is, until a bunch of girls stand directly in front of her, blocking her view. Within moments, both ladies are on the ground, and let me tell you, the wrestling training has paid off. Justine leaves with a pretty bad cut on her head, but she’s able to hold her own in a fight. Billy, instead of checking to see if she’s okay, yells at her for starting a fight at his show. Her response? As she’s getting dragged/carried out of the club, she yells:

“Fuck you, Billy! Sell your own fucking merch!”


Sam at least attempts to be a caring father when she comes home holding a bloodied shirt to her head, getting the first-aid kit and promising to try harder. She seems to believe him, but it’s clear she’s not entirely ready to trust him yet. Who can blame her? All of the men in her life have been pretty awful to her, after all. Hopefully things pick up for her in the next episode.

Glow Season 2 Episode 2 Yolanda and Ruth.jpg
Credit: Netflix

Back at the gym, Sam and Bash have decided to up the ante for the girls. Since the last show dragged so much, they’ve decided to cut the number of fights per episode from five to three. Yep, not everyone will be featured in every episode any more. Which means that every week, the girls must go through an audition process to see who makes the cut for the next show. Sam pairs everyone up, excluding Ruth’s name, but Ruth won’t just sit quietly. She asks who she’ll be fighting, so Sam, in a childishly passive-aggressive move, teams her up with Yolanda, who has barely had any wrestling training. Sam seems perfectly content while both girls seem extremely nervous, so they decide to get some lunch and get to know each other a bit. And as it turns out…Yolanda is the coolest!

In the first episode, we were led to believe that Yo-Yo was a stripper, but it turns out she only did that once a week when her ex-girlfriend was working, just to make her jealous. Yes, you read that right. If you were taken aback, don’t worry, Ruth was too. Not in a judgmental way or anything, she was just surprised at how open she was about it! But Yo-Yo, as she says, loves girls, and that’s just how it is. And let me tell you, that girl can move! When a car comes by blaring music, she can’t help but get up and dance, and honestly, it’s mesmerizing. And it gives Ruth an idea. They don’t have enough time to teach Yolanda the moves, but maybe Yolanda can teach Ruth some moves! They would stand out, and it would be something fresh, exactly what Sam said he wanted to see.

Glow Season 2 Episode 2 The Toxic Twins
Credit: Netflix

The other ladies are trying to step up their game as well. Specifically, Arthie. Arthie has had enough of her character, Beirut. The crowd hated her so much that they threw beer cans at her and spit on her. Racism is present enough as it is, she’s tired of fueling their fire. So, she comes up with an idea that’ll give her a new character, a new identity. Beirut will blow herself up, and from the smoke will rise a new character, Phoenix, fire incarnate. The idea is cinematic and it’s touching to see how excited she is to put Beirut behind her. But unfortunately, some of the others overhear her idea, and take it for themselves. Dawn and Stacey put down their old lady characters and transform into the Toxic Twins. We can’t blame them for wanting to spice things up, but to see Arthie so defeated is heartbreaking.

So, Dawn and Stacey against Mel-Rose is a definite must. There’s no argument there. Liberty Belle will be fighting Fortune Cookie, but what about the third spot? Bash is all for Junk Chain and Zoya the Destroya’s unique dance-off, thinking it’ll be a nice break in between the fights, a half-time show, if you will. But Sam is still set on punishing Ruth. Luckily, there’s one more voice to be heard: Debbie’s.

Debbie has been fighting her way into the boy’s club throughout the entire episode. Sure, she’s a producer, but no one is taking it seriously. Sam assures Bash it was just to ‘please the actress’ and despite her efforts, they both do everything they can to avoid including her in important decisions. She invites them over for dinner and drinks, hoping to be included, but neither of them show. She, however, doesn’t spend the night alone. Tammé, AKA Welfare Queen, overheard the boys saying they weren’t going, so she decided to drop by with some wine and cheer her up. She tells her about all the jobs she’s done, and how she’s learned that if you aren’t a white man, the only way to earn some respect is to get their attention. Do an amazing job. Go above and beyond, make them hear your voice. And basically what she says to Debbie is that she needs to act like a producer. A title means nothing if she isn’t actually contributing.

Glow Season 2 Episode 2 Zoya test shots
Credit: Netflix

So, the next morning, Debbie comes in with a pack of Nerds, and while Sam couldn’t care less, Bash starts geeking out immediately over the little candies. She suggests that they give them to the audience to keep them awake and interested, and Bash is definitely on board. So, when it comes to deciding who will fight in this week’s episode, he turns to her and asks her opinion. And to Sam’s surprise, she suggests Ruth and Yo-Yo. They’re fresh, different, and Ruth is one of the best entertainers they have. Sam begrudgingly agrees, but if you thought that’d be the end of it, you’re sadly mistaken. As Russell takes some test shots of Ruth/Zoya before the live taping starts, Sam turns off the monitor that shows that camera’s footage. He threatened Ruth with editing her out of the show, and it looks like he may go through with it. All because she filmed an awesome, eye-catching title sequence, and brought the girls together in a way he never could. If these first two episodes were any indication, it looks like Sam is just going to continue being childish. Let’s see how that works for him.

For a recap of Episode 1 and more news on GLOW, visit our official GLOW page. And stay tuned for Episode 3!

GLOW Is Currently Streaming On Netflix. 

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