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How Far Have Our Favourite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Traveled? We Have The Answer Thanks To Megabus

Surprisingly, it isn't the Mother of Dragons that has traveled the most.

Westeros is a vast land, and after seven seasons of our favourite fantasy show, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a lot of the Seven Kingdoms. And just as much across the Narrow Sea! The characters of HBO’s Game of Thrones have traveled far and wide, but interestingly, these journeys were rapidly sped up in Season 7. And because of this ‘fast-travel’ concept, we often forget just how far some of these characters are going! It might surprise you that in the Season 7 finale, Daenerys traveled more than twice the distance than Arya did in the entirety of Season 3. So, who has traveled the most in Game of Thrones? And just how much have they traveled? Well, thanks to a study conducted by Megabus, we have the answer.

megabus game of thrones characters most traveled.png

If you guessed that the Mother of Dragons would hold the top spot, you’re not alone. But while she’s a very close second, it is actually Theon Greyjoy who has traveled the most out of any of our main characters. And when you think about it, that’s not surprising. Consider that he began in Winterfell back in Season 1. Since then he has been to the Iron Islands, back to Winterfell, journeyed across the North, and across the Narrow Sea! And back! And that’s just some of his journey! Throughout these past seven seasons, Theon has traveled a whopping 20,387 miles, while Dany is just under the 20,000 mark. Tyrion and Ser Davos have each gone over 15,000 miles, with Jon coming in at a slightly lower (though still large) distance of 11,615 miles.

Megabus conducted this study using a variety of sources, including research from Reddit forums, the Game of Thrones fan wiki, and QuarterMaester. Using all of this together, they were able to chart the journeys of our favourite characters and estimate their travel distances. Not only that, but they were able to estimate some real travel time! Take Jon’s Season 1 journey, for example, from Winterfell to Castle Black. The distance was 650 miles, and considering that he was on horseback, it would’ve taken him roughly 162 hours. That being said, on a megabus, the journey would’ve only taken him 13 hours. Too bad they don’t have Megabus in Westeros!

You can see more of the fantastic statistics as well as the full study over at It will definitely surprise you just how many miles our favourites can travel in one episode!

Game Of Thrones Returns For Its Final Season Next Year.

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