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Plusnet’s “If The Kids Of ‘Stranger Things’ Had The Internet” Campaign Is Hilariously Accurate

We all know that King Steve would rule the Instagram game.

One of the things that makes Netflix’s Stranger Things so lovable is its effortlessly nostalgic ’80s vibe. But what would the hit sci-fi series be if it was set in modern day? Could Hawkins Lab have been exposed earlier? Would the entire world know about the existence of the Upside Down? Let’s be honest, texting alone could have gotten our protagonists out of some serious binds, but what if they had social media, too? These are just some of the questions Plusnet answers with their hilariously accurate campaign, If the Kids of Stranger Things Had the Internet.

Plusnet is a UK communications provider for broadband, phone, TV and mobile, and they couldn’t help but wonder what Stranger Things would be like with modern technology. These kids managed to save Hawkins with 80s technology, so I think it’s safe to assume that they’d easily master the internet. Plusnet’s results are pretty spot on, from Nancy promoting social change and #JusticeForBarb on Twitter, to Joyce texting Will every five minutes to make sure he’s okay. Take a look at what just a few of our favourites would be getting up to if they had the internet!

Joyce Would Definitely Be A Helicopter Parent

Plusnet Stranger Things Campaign Will and Joyce texting

In the Stranger Things universe, Joyce has no choice but to give her son some space. She simply can’t be with him every minute of every day, and as cellphones weren’t invented, there was no way she could check up on him all the time. She had to trust that he would be okay, and eventually, they could retrieve some sense of normalcy. But things would be very different if the show was set in 2018. If Will didn’t respond to even one text, he could expect some very worried voicemails. I think we can all agree this is one instance where our characters are better off without modern technology. This would have definitely caused a rift between mother and son, something that’s happily avoided in the actual show.

King Steve Would Rule Instagram


This is a given. His hair alone could have its own account! As both the most popular kid in school and a friend to misfits and outcasts, Steve would easily have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. He might even promote hair products, and if the world knew about the existence of the Upside Down, he would definitely post videos of him taking down a demo-dog. And you just know that Dustin would comment on every single picture! Speaking of which…

Dustin’s Snapchat Would Be Covered With Dart And Steve


I loved so much of Stranger Things 2, but my favourite aspect was, without question, Steve and Dustin’s perfect friendship. These two characters, though incredibly different, share more than a few similarities, and their bromance is enviable, to say the least. Dustin is so proud of the fact that he gets to hang with one of the coolest kids in school that he would post about it every chance he got. But on the off-chance he wasn’t, he would definitely be posting about Dart, his own scientific discovery. Dart wouldn’t have stayed a secret for very long, and who knows? Maybe Mews would still be alive.

These are just a few of my personal favourites from Plusnet’s campaign. To see what Nancy, Eleven, Barb, and more of the gang would get up to on social media, check out Plusnet’s full post, here!

Who In The Stranger Things Universe Would Have The Most Followers? Let Us Know What You Think Down In The Comments!

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