Eminem And Ed Sheeran’s Documentary-Style Video For ‘River’ Is Here

The video reflects the song's heartbreak in the most cinematic way imaginable.

If there’s anything we need more of in 2018, it’s the fantastic duo that is Eminem and Ed Sheeran. The phrase ‘opposites attract’ could not ring truer for these two. Their styles, though completely different, compliment each other in a mournfully beautiful way. And the music video for their song, River, reflects that.

Released on February 14th, the video is styled like a documentary, sharing raw, candid-like footage and showing the horrors of domestic abuse. The video, like the song, follows a man entering a sexual relationship with a woman coming out of an abusive one. Tensions mount when she becomes pregnant and they have to decide what to do about their unborn child.

The song itself is sad, to say the least, but the video is heart-breaking. And though some are calling it anti-valentines, it’s so much more than that. Valentine’s Day is often about showing off the best parts of your life, even if they’re not real. This video dives under the surface into the most painful of events, in the most cinematic way possible.

River Eminem Still 2

River Eminem Still 3
Credit: Aftermath Records

Some segments are shot with what appears to be an old home camera, adding to the documentary-style and raw feeling. In contrast, others are shot with lots of effects and truly beautiful sequences, some of which you can see featured above. This video showcases the best of Eminem’s artistry, and if it’s any hint at what’s to come with future videos, we’re in store for an amazing year.

Watch The Official Video For River, Out Now. 


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