Marvel Studios Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary With A Very Special Photo

It’s hard to believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only been in our lives for 10 years, beginning with a little film called Iron Man back in 2008. Since then, we’ve watched the MCU grow into quite the expansive universe, and we’ve watched as it’s evolved into something…more. It has stayed true to the fun tone it’s known for, but it’s added something darker. Something that pays homage to the comics and characters we love, but with its own modern touch of realism. The MCU is truly something special, and Marvel Studios is celebrating their tenth anniversary in a big way.

With Infinity War closely approaching, we know we’ll be saying goodbye to some of our favourite Marvel actors, and potentially, the characters themselves. It’s an emotional time. But what better way to celebrate than with a class photo? That’s right. 79 actors and filmmakers who have made the Marvel franchises what they are, all together in one room. All of the actors and actresses who we so dearly love, joined by the legendary Stan Lee, and in the center of the photo, none other than Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. But Marvel did more than just release a photo – they released a video showing the creation of the no doubt historic photograph. Take a look:


Infinity War Hits Theaters On May 4th, 2018.