Trailer Watch: The First Teaser For Marvel’s “Venom” Was Just Released

There is no question that Venom is Marvel’s most ambitious project for one very specific reason: tone. This is not your average superhero film. This is not going to be about saving the world and having some good laughs in the process. This movie is going to be dark – borderline horror. And the teaser trailer confirms that.

The first teaser for Venom was released early Thursday morning, and some fans can’t help but feel slighted. There’s no sign of the symbiotic suit anywhere, but that’s not necessarily surprising. The suit is iconic and will be one of the biggest reveals of the film. It only makes sense to continue to build the suspense beforehand.

The film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the man who wears the suit and turns into Venom. There’s also rumor that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker may make an appearance in the film, and quite frankly, it would be surprising if he didn’t. Venom isn’t a hero, after all, he’s the villain. He’ll need to be stopped. Hopefully the full trailer will give us more of an insight!


Venom Is Set To Hit Theaters In October 2018.