Trailer Watch: The “Westworld” Season 2 Trailer Just Dropped During Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl Sunday is a treat for not only football fans, but movie and television buffs! From upcoming TV shows to the new Star Wars film, massive trailers are being dropped. And it keeps getting better: the long-anticipated trailer for the second season of HBO’s Westworld just landed. Bring yourself back online. This is going to be amazing!

The trailer features a classical piece of music, something almost uplifting. But amidst the beautiful scenery and inspiring shots, chaos and death reigns. Dolores is not messing around. She is here to make this world, the world where for so long she was a slave, her own. This is a world that the hosts shall rule. Humans better watch out.

Watch the thrilling trailer for Westworld Season 2 below. Westworld returns on April 22nd.