You’ll Have Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Latest Single ‘Dangerous Night’ On Repeat For Days

The band maintains the dark, dreamy lyrics its known for with an unexpected pop twist.

Thirty Seconds To Mars is one of those bands that always keeps you guessing – and in the best way possible.

They’re constantly evolving. You’ll never hear the same track twice, and that’s what sets them apart. They’re always pushing boundaries, whether it’s socially, politically, or internally. Their latest single, Dangerous Night, is proof.

Thirty Seconds To Mars used to be broody and emo (in a beautiful way). There’s nothing better than when you’re in an angsty mood, turn on The Kill, and belt it out with everything you’ve got. Then you look at their album This Is War. That album is pure rock. The darkness was still there, but it was filled with a sense of inspiration as well. Kings and Queens is the ultimate motivational song.

And then you have Love, Lust, Faith, Dreams. This was different than anything they had ever put out before. With techno infusion, the album featured songs that could almost be considered pop. But they continued to push those boundaries. Up in the Air, in particular, drew some attention for one line specifically:

‘I wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love’

Fast forward a few years. It’s 2018 and the band is pushing themselves even further than ever before, venturing out of rock into something new. Something definitely reminiscent of pop, but featuring lyrics reminiscent of rock. And while some fans are expressing their disappointment in both their latest single, Dangerous Night, and in the band themselves, I have to vehemently disagree. What makes this band incredible is their fearlessness, their adaptability, and their talent of balancing light and dark. Their songs have the ability to make you feel hopeless and hopeful, simultaneously. Their lyrics have always been dark and dreamy. Instrumentally, their songs were darker, but now they’re highlighting the dreamier side. And I’ve gotta say, I’m into it.

Dangerous Night mixes the old with the new, creating a unique sound that you can’t help but listen to on repeat. Another win for the alt/rock/potentially pop band. Keep on doing you, guys. 👍❤️

Listen To Dangerous Night Now.


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