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‘The Crown’ May Have Just Found Its New Prince Philip

He would be the perfect choice, too!

The Crown‘s third season will make or break the show. We’ve fallen in love with our main cast and their portrayal of the Royal family, and so the choices made in recasting are crucial for the continued success of the hit Netflix series. Luckily, they know what they’re doing.

It has already been announced that Olivia Colman will replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II. And though we’ll miss Claire, we can’t think of anyone better to take over the part. As for Princess Margaret, it’s been all but confirmed that Helena Bonham Carter will be replacing Vanessa Kirby, a bold but genius choice. But what about Prince Philip? Not only is Philip a main character, but the relationship between Elizabeth and Philip plays such a vital role on this show. The casting has to be perfect, but we’ve heard nothing regarding it! Until now.

Paul Bettany.jpg
Paul Bettany Attends An Event For Captain America: Civil War

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that there is an actor near a deal to play Prince Philip, and that actor is none other than Paul Bettany. If you don’t recognize the name, you’ll almost definitely recognize his work. He’s been in films like The Da Vinci Code, Legion, and Inkheart, but he’s most popularly know as JARVIS/Vision in the Marvel Universe. Though Bettany is only in talks for the role at the moment, he would be the perfect choice for Philip. He definitely has the elegance and charm! And he could have fantastic chemistry with Colman!

Hopefully confirmation will come soon both for Bettany and Carter!

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