‘Man Enough’ Episode 3 Dives Into ‘The Ugliness Of Body Image’

Episode 3 of Justin Baldoni's groundbreaking series dives into the negative body image that many men have - and why it's so taboo.

Justin Baldoni’s latest endeavor, Man Enough, is a web-series that seeks to define what it is to be a man, and understand why that definition exists. More than that, it strives to change the unhealthiness and lack of vulnerability attached to that definition. It is completely free to watch and is breaking all sorts of stereotypes and gender-norms. This continues in Episode 3 as Justin is joined by Prince EA, Aydian Dowling, Javier Munoz, Matt McGorry, and Anderson Silva to discuss something rarely talked about among men: body image.

Body image is often making headlines in the media, but it is almost always in regards to women. And as these men attest to, there’s a reason for that. Statistically speaking, women as a whole face more body image pressures than men do. But that doesn’t mean men don’t have insecurities. It doesn’t mean they don’t face pressures, both societal and internal. It just means it’s talked about a lot less.

Man Enough, as a series, talks about the fact that it isn’t considered ‘acceptable’ for men to be vulnerable. For men to open up and talk with each other about their issues and their pressures, their insecurities and troubles. And physically, that’s also true. Take a man like Justin himself, who is very fit and definitely considered attractive. Society looks at a man like that and assumes that he cannot feel insecure because we assume there is no reason for him to feel insecure. But as we learn in this episode, body image is different from appearance. Our appearance is concrete: our height, the colour of our eyes. Our body image is our interpretation of our appearance, and it is completely subjective. And many of us have a negative body image, one that is reinforced by the media.

These men question why so much value is placed on physicality, and how that pressure reinforces the idea that a man must be the strongest, the alpha. They talk about both the similar and different pressures that gay, straight, and trans men face and how a lot of it can be safety oriented. And they ask some of the simpler questions that are often overlooked, like what achieving a “better” body really means. This is definitely a must-watch! You can view it over at

Episode 3 of Man Enough Is Live Now. 

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