Calling All Filmmakers: The Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival Is Accepting Submissions!

Dubbed the Netflix of Feminist Films, Women's Voices Now is more than just a site, but a community. And they are currently accepting submissions for their annual film festival.

Film, without a doubt, is one of the most influential pillars in our society today. This makes it one of our most powerful tools. But you know what they say: with great power comes great responsibility. And over the past year, it has become horrifyingly clear that too many have abused that power. But 2018 is a year for change. And one site in particular has worked for years to be a part of that change – and they’re succeeding! That site? Women’s Voices Now.

Women’s Voices Now, dubbed the Netflix of Feminist Films, is more than just a site, but a community. From feature films to short films, documentaries to narratives, WVN showcases films not only about women, but often by women, all around the world. And the best part about it? These films are completely free to watch!!

So, why am I telling you about Women’s Voices Now? Other than the fact that they are an amazing non-profit site striving to create very real change not only in the entertainment industry, but in the world, they are currently accepting submissions to their annual online film festival!

It’s important to note that while all films submitted must be about women/women’s social, political, or economic issues, films made by women and men are accepted! So whether you are a woman or an ally to women, you can submit your film! Films are judged by activists and filmmakers alike, and they award cash prizes to winners! The categories open to submission are:

Documentary Feature
Documentary Short
Narrative Short
Experimental/Animation Film

Women’s Voices Now provides women with an opportunity to share their stories. It provides us, as viewers, to be exposed to incredible content and learn about women from around the world. It allows us to see both the good and bad in the world, and it unites us in the hope to create real change. Executive Director of Women’s Voices Now, Heidi Basch-Harod says it best.

“We are leading by example that films and activism work together to inspire people to be and create the change they want to see in themselves and in their communities. We see women of all colors and walks of life protecting themselves and their communities from the adverse economic, social, cultural, and political challenges humankind faces in the 21st century. Witnessing these stories through the medium of film creates solidarity toward the common goals of women’s rights.”

The Festival’s regular deadline for submissions is February 5th, with a late deadline of February 15th. For more info on this incredible Film Festival, check out their site or their Film Freeway Submission Page. Good luck to all who enter!

Feminism. Activism. Film. – Women’s Voices Now

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