This Young Ballet Dancer Is Calling For Action With ‘Dear Koch’

"Protecting our home isn't attacking freedom."

Running this site for over two years now has provided me with some truly incredible opportunities. And perhaps the best of all is being exposed to some brilliant work that I never would’ve known about otherwise. When I can, I like to share that work with you, whether you are an avid reader of Fiction’s Mistress or a passing visitor. Today, I’d like to share with you a short, an open letter and call to action that deserves to be listened to.

Dear Koch was created by fifteen year old Zoe. Her family’s ranch was destroyed by the wildfires and she has witnessed firsthand what damage apathy to very real threats can cause. Upon seeing this rapid destruction and contemplation on climate change and the lack of environmental protection, she wrote a letter to the Koch Brothers, pleading for them to realize that they are on the wrong path. This letter turned into a short, narrated by her and showing the destruction of forests and ranches.

What amazes me most about this young girl is how much hope she has for the future and for her government. In a world and society that is so often pessimistic, Zoe isn’t letting her optimism fade, and is fighting for the world she believes is possible. It’s a powerful thing to witness, and it’s one of the many reasons I’m sharing Dear Koch.

If you’d like more information, feel free to visit Zoe’s site You can watch the short below and if you’d like to help support, share either this article or the site directly. You never know who it might reach.

A special thank you to Ari Gold for bringing this short to my attention, and thank you to Zoe for this hopeful call to action.

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