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Confirmed: Sarah Paulson Will Be In ‘American Horror Story’ Season 8

Paulson is the first cast member to be confirmed for the horror show's 8th season.

It’s an exciting time for American Horror Story fans! Earlier in the week, co-creator Ryan Murphy announced that the 8th season of FX’s hit show will be set in the near future. How near that will be remains to be seen, but according to Murphy, it will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And that’s not all!

On Tuesday afternoon, Murphy revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Sarah Paulson would not only be appearing in Season 8, but that she’ll be wearing “dental appliances”. And apparently Paulson is very excited about them!

So far, Paulson is the only confirmed cast member, but this isn’t surprising. She is one of the few actors that has appeared in every season of AHS. It is also expected that Evan Peters will return, who has also appeared in every season. These two often play main characters, and you only have to watch one episode of the show to see why. These two are brilliant at what they do, able to be sweet and innocent or hauntingly murderous, as the scene demands. It’ll be interesting to see which Paulson will take on in Season 8!

American Horror Story Season 8 Will Air In 2018.

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