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Harry Styles Filled In For James Corden On ‘The Late Late Show’ Last Night And It Was Beautiful

James and his wife have welcomed a new baby girl into their family - and Harry was only too happy to host the Late Late Show in his absence!

Harry Styles and James Corden have become something of a dynamic duo in the late night television world, and it’s easy to see why! These two have a fantastic comedic chemistry that’s undeniable. Harry even visited the Late Late Show for an entire week back in May for some amazing skits, monologues, and performances! So it’s no surprise that when James needed someone to unexpectedly fill in for him, he went directly to Harry.

On Tuesday night, James’ wife, Julia, went into labor only a couple of hours before the show. They have now welcomed their third child, a baby girl, into their family, and both mother and daughter are doing well! Harry actually visited them in the hospital before rushing over to the studio to host the entire episode of the Late Late Show, and I have to say, he did an amazing job!!! From the opening monologue to the celebrity interviews, there’s no question that the ‘Sign of the Times’ singer isn’t lacking in charisma. The best moments, though, were when he couldn’t stop laughing. Take a look at his entrance as well as a Christmas Edition of ‘Dogs in Sunglasses’!


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