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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Has A Teaser Trailer AND A Release Date!!

Mark your calendars - your favourite P.I. is returning to Netflix.

On Friday morning, we received our first official still from the second season of Jessica Jones. And not even two days later, we have received our first teaser trailer!! Take a look.

The show’s second season is said to have a darker tone than the first, and that’s completely understandable. Even though Kilgrave was, without question, a bad person, he still was a person. She may be able to come to terms with killing Reva, as she was under Kilgrave’s control, but killing him was her decision, her choice. And that’s bound to leave some sort of a mark.

This season will also be introducing a flurry of new characters, and it will be interesting to see who the big bad is. We know that Kilgrave will at least be making one appearance, but it’s likely he’s there to haunt Jessica. He can’t actually harm anyone else anymore. So who will terrorize the streets of New York City now? Will we see any of our other heroes? Luke Cage and Jessica certainly had a close relationship, but Matt and Jessica also developed something of a friendship in The Defenders. Could we get even a hint of what’s going on there? One thing is for sure. Jessica is back to finish business, and as the tagline says, “try not to get in the way”.

Jessica Jones Returns To Netflix On March 8th, 2018. 

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