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The First Look At ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Is Here

The second season of Jessica Jones will be even darker than the first.

We finally have the first official still from the second season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and not only is it haunting, but it features a character who died at the end of the first season!

Jessica Jones Season 2 First Look
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly unveiled this first look on Friday morning, and fans are definitely excited. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about our favourite sarcastic P.I. But things aren’t looking too good for her, and according to both star Krysten Ritter and creator/writer Melissa Rosenberg, this season will be even darker and more emotional. And now that Kilgrave’s returning? Well, it’s really no surprise.

Kilgrave, played by the incomparable David Tennant, is unquestionably one of the best villains in the MCU yet, which is why it makes perfect sense for him to return. Fans have been speculating for months how exactly it’s going to happen, and there are two theories in particular that make the most sense. The first is obvious: flashbacks. We know that we’re going to get somewhat of a closer look at Jessica’s past in Season 2, and Kilgrave was definitely a big part of that past. But there are many who think that won’t be Kilgrave’s only role.

Many believe that Kilgrave will literally be haunting Jessica’s mind, and perhaps Malcolm as well. No, Kilgrave won’t be returning as a ghost or anything like that. But think about his power. He controls minds, that isn’t something that would just go away. It would stay with you. That, along with the fact that Jessica is still suffering from PTSD, there’s a good chance she may be hallucinating, seeing (and hearing) Kilgrave in her everyday life. This theory is not only terrifying but it actually makes perfect sense, and would be an amazing way to tie this baddie into the new season.

As for where we’ll be picking up in Season 2? They can’t say much, but what they can say is that Jessica is going to be in a really dark place. The events of The Defenders kind of acted as a distraction for Jessica, whether she meant it to or not. It’s hard to focus on yourself when you’re busy trying to save New York from The Hand. No doubt greater threats will continue to emerge but one thing is certain: Jessica will be confronting some of her pain this season. And if we dare to hope, we may even see some closure.

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