Jessica Chastain’s Hilarious Skit On Jimmy Fallon Nails Sexism In Hollywood

I'm both laughing and crying right now.

The entertainment industry has always been filled with inequality, and even though it’s 2017, the last few months have shown that there are still major problems in Hollywood. So, Jessica Chastain and Jimmy Fallon teamed up for a segment on The Tonight Show that perfectly captures how sexist and ridiculous auditions can get.

Jessica comes in and reads for the role of Angela. All she has to say is, “Hi, my name’s Angela, it’s nice to meet you.” But Jimmy, who’s off-screen, just keeps asking her to repeat the line, but do it “hotter”. And it just gets worse from there. “This time can you try it sweet and modest, but also hot, and can you be younger?” And yes, this goes on for over two minutes. But I think the ending is the best part. Watch for yourselves!


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