Steven Moffat And Russell T Davies Are Teaming Up To Write ‘Doctor Who’ Novels

Whovians, mark your calendars. You won't want to miss this.

Whovians, it’s time to mark your calendars! Because on April 2nd, 2018, a total of four Doctor Who novels will be released!

The news first appeared on Radiotimes that current showrunner Steven Moffat and former showrunner Russell T Davies will work together with author Jenny Colgan to turn some of our favourite episodes into novelizations. Yes, you’re allowed to freak out!

Davies will be adapting the very first episode of the new Who, ‘Rose’, while Colgan is taking on the 2005 Christmas Special where we are introduced to the Tenth Doctor played by the brilliant and fan-favourite David Tennant. Moffat will be adapting two of his episodes, including the 50th Anniversary episode, ‘The Day of the Doctor’. Moffat’s other novelization will be of the soon-to-be-aired Christmas Special, ‘Twice Upon a Time’, which will be Peter Capaldi’s final appearance and Jodie Whittaker’s entrance. Let the countdown begin!

‘Twice Upon A Time’ Will Air On Christmas Day.

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