‘Doctor Who’: Our First Look At Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor

Jodie Whittaker's costume pays tribute to many former Doctors.

If there was ever a show that stood the test of time, it’s BBC’s Doctor Who. Literally. The show has been running for over fifty years and in that time, we’ve seen many different Doctors. We all have our favourites (Tennant, for me), and so, when it’s time for the Doctor to regenerate, it’s both exciting and scary. But this time around, I’m not scared at all.

It was announced back in the summer that Peter Capaldi’s replacement would be the fantastic Jodie Whittaker, and this was truly a historic moment. Never before have we seen a female Doctor, and after fifty years, it’s about time! To be honest, the show lost me in the past few years. I still am very much a whovian at heart, but around halfway through the seventh season, I just started to fall out of it. That being said, I will definitely be catching up in order to watch Whittaker’s first appearance!

And speaking of which, we finally have a look at our new Doctor’s costume, and it looks incredible!

doctor who jodie whittaker.jpg
Credit: BBC

Many fans were quick to point out that the costume pays tribute to many of the previous Doctors. Her striped jumper pays homage to Tom Baker and his infamous striped scarf. The suspenders are a reference to a few of the Doctors (most recent to wear them was Matt Smith), and the long coat is a clear tribute to David Tennant. These small, subtle touches are a perfect example of why fans love Doctor Who so much. Though we’ve seen many incarnations of the Doctor, the show always has some constants, reminding us that our favourites are not forgotten.

Whittaker Will Make Her Debut As The Doctor In BBC’s Doctor Who Christmas Special.

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