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Thirty Seconds To Mars Teases ‘A Day In The Life Of America’ With Official ‘Walk On Water’ Video

Thirty Seconds To Mars brings the people of America together in their moving video for Walk On Water, directed by Jared Leto.

A few months ago, Thirty Seconds To Mars released their single Walk On Water, and the song was immediately dubbed an anthem – a strong political and moral statement incredibly pertinent to our time. And on Wednesday, November 8th, the band released the official video which also acts as a teaser for their upcoming documentary, A Day In The Life Of America. Both the video and doc are directed by Jared Leto, and if you’ve seen any of his work, you’re definitely as excited as I am.

The video and the documentary are both very much collaborative projects. Over 10,000 people submitted footage on a single day: July 4th, 2017. So what we get to see is not only what Jared, Shannon, and Tomo have filmed, but what people across the United States captured. We get to see the many sides of America, the positive and the negative. The pain and the joy.

America is currently at war with itself. But amidst so much division, this project stands as a symbol of unity. And seeing the many faces of America gives us hope that not all is lost. To Jared, Shannon, and Tomo, we’d like to thank you. We can’t wait for A Day In The Life Of America!

Watch the moving video for Walk On Water below.


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