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‘Stranger Things 2’: This Is Why Nancy And Steve Had To Break Up (And No, It’s Not For THAT Reason)

So many events in Season 2 wouldn't have happened if not for this breakup.

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit sci-fi show, Stranger Things, gave us so many beautiful moments. From amazing new characters to an incredible new monster, the Duffer Brothers truly outdid themselves. But there’s one arc in particular that had fans squealing with delight. And that is, of course, when the fan favourite ship of Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler became canon. With so much sexual tension between the two of them for over a season, it was bound to happen! But before it could, Nancy and Steve had to call it quits, and this is more than a little heartbreaking. While Steve wasn’t the greatest guy in Season 1, he’s unquestionably one of the most heroic characters in Season 2. And seeing him heartbroken is kind of like seeing a sad puppy. But the truth is even if you loved Nancy and Steve together, their breakup was not only inevitable, but necessary. And not just so Nancy and Jonathan could get together.

Their Breakup Allowed Us To Sympathize With Steve

Quite honestly, I’ve always had faith in Steve Harrington, but most Stranger Things fans couldn’t stand him in the first season. He definitely did some things that none of us are proud of, which is why we needed to see him vulnerable. We needed to see him as something other than Nancy’s popular boyfriend, the jock. And Nancy and Steve’s big fight in the bathroom of the Halloween party gives us that opportunity. We don’t see him as King Steve in that moment. We see him as a guy who’s very much in love, and who is in the midst of realizing that the girl he loves doesn’t love him back. He’s getting his heart broken for the first time and it gives us something to relate to. Not only that, but it proves that he cares a lot more than people thought.

Steve’s Redemption Arc Could Never Have Happened While He Was With Nancy

Here’s the thing about Steve. His entire Season 1 arc revolved around Nancy. We started to get glimpses near the end of hero Steve, but overall, his character was pretty much centered around his relationship and nothing else. There needed to be a shift in order for him to grow. We all know that Nancy could finally begin to discover and accept her true self once she and Steve split, but the truth is that it was equally critical for him! This breakup was a wake up call. It made him realize that he won’t always be King Steve. And it also made him realize that there’s a lot more to life than just high school.

It Paved Way For The Ultimate Duo – Steve And Dustin

If there is one thing that every Stranger Things fan can agree on, it’s that Steve and Dustin’s unexpected friendship is unquestionably amazing. Not only does Steve share his super secret hair tips with Dustin, but he helps him defeat ANOTHER demogorgon. But again, this perfect team up could never have happened if Steve was still with Nancy. Why? Because it was the act of getting his heart broken that made Steve more receptive to outcasts.

What hurt most about Nancy and Steve’s breakup was that everyone involved knew it had to happen. Even Steve knew that she belonged with Jonathan, which only breaks his heart more. But though he lost Nancy, he gained so much more. Because of the breakup, he was able to become the hero he was meant to be. Finally.

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