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‘Stranger Things’ Planned On Killing One Of The Main Characters In Season 1, And We Need A Moment

The show would literally never work this way.

Thanks to the Stranger Things 2 craze and the hilarious new show Beyond Stranger Things, fans are getting all the behind the scenes gossip. And recently in a Q&A session at Chapman University, The Duffer Brother shocked fans with the revelation that they were actually going to kill off one of our favourites in the Season 1 finale. Originally, Eleven was never going to survive the first season.


Yes, you read that right! The Duffer Brothers go on to explain that Stranger Things was actually pitched as a limited series. So it wasn’t the first season at all, it was the only season. The series would end with Eleven saving Hawkins and her friends from the demogorgon, but sacrificing herself permanently in the process. Thankfully, Netflix was looking for something a little more long term.

“I remember when we went into Netflix and we pitched this they were like ‘well, we like this but how could it keep going?’ And you’re just sort of riffing in the moment and we were like ‘well Will’s back from this other dimension and he’s not doing very well.’ And they were like ‘great!'”

Now that we know their original plan, many fans are worried. They wanted to end the series with Eleven sacrificing herself…what if that’s still the endgame? Realistically, there’s no way that all of our favourites are going to survive the coming apocalypse, maybe Eleven will actually end up dying to save everyone!?


Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen.

Stranger Things 2 Is Currently Streaming On Netflix. 


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