“Lord Of The Rings” Is Being Turned Into A TV Show Courtesy Of Amazon

Amazon may have found a fantasy show to rival Game of Thrones. And it’s a story that we all know. According to sources, Amazon is in early talks with Warner Brothers to develop a show based on The Lord of the Rings, along with other Tolkien novels. And quite frankly, I have mixed feelings. This could go very well, or very, very wrong.

The Lord of the Rings has been adapted several times over the years, but most renowned is unquestionably Peter Jackson’s trilogy. Not only were Jackson’s adaptations a resounding success, but they changed the face of fantasy in film. It was, after all, The Two Towers that brought motion-capture technology to where it is today. For many, even those of us who read and love the books, Jackson’s Middle-Earth is the Middle-Earth we know and love. And the thought of remaking it, even in television format…well, there are some doubts.

But then again, not all hope is lost. As anyone who’s even flipped through Tolkien’s appendices will tell you, there’s a lot of original source material to work with. Tolkien literally created a world of his own, with different intelligent species and cultures to boot. If anything could rival Thrones, it’s this. But as the show isn’t even in development quite yet, it may be awhile before we know anything concrete. Who knows? Maybe Jackson himself will work on the show!