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‘Wonder Woman’ Is Now The Highest-Grossing Superhero Origin Film Ever

Proving that DC is more than capable of making fantastic films, with the right story and the right team.

This summer, director Patty Jenkins proved to everyone that Marvel doesn’t have all the fun. Wonder Woman was an undeniable box office hit and months after its release, it continues to break records. It just became the highest-grossing superhero origin film ever, and this is definite cause for celebration!

To say that Wonder Woman was groundbreaking would be an understatement. After Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, many fans were questioning DC’s ability to make good films. Not to mention the fact that superhero origin movies are often highly criticized, Wonder Woman had a lot of negativity to combat. But the film and its team rose to the occasion and took all challenges in stride. While DC is known for its often over-the-top dark atmosphere, Wonder Woman was notably more lighthearted while maintaining a beautiful balance of humor and action. DC learned a lot from this movie, restoring many fans’ faith in Justice League.

The incredible Gal Gadot will be donning her armor again in less than a month, when Justice League finally hits theaters. And as for Patty Jenkins? She has officially signed on to direct Wonder Woman‘s sequel! And we would want no one else at the helm.

Make no mistake. The fact that a DC, female superhero origin film is not only generating Oscar buzz but is officially the highest-grossing of all time is no small thing. And no doubt this is only one of many record-breaking successes to come! Congratulations and thank you to Patty, Gal, and the team for bringing such a fantastic, inspiring story to our screens.


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