The “Stranger Things” Kids Had A Dance Battle And It’s Amazing

Earlier this week, Millie Bobby Brown appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she recapped Season 1 of Stranger Things by rapping. Let’s be honest, we’re still waiting for that single to be released on Spotify.

But Eleven isn’t the only one having fun on The Tonight Show! On Thursday, the kids of Hawkins AV Club stopped by and had a dance battle. Coming up with dance moves like “Flashlight with a Mind of its Own” and “The Upside Get Down”, these kids have some rhythm! And quite frankly, this is the only thing missing from Stranger Things. Then again, at least we got to see Jim dance in Season 2.


Maybe Season 3 will feature a dance party? In the meantime, check out the hilarious video where the Stranger Things kids teach us how to properly dance.

Stranger Things 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.