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Kings And Queens Take Their Place In The First ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Promo

Two Queens, One King, and one enemy that could destroy them all. The Season 7 Trailer for Game of Thrones is here, and it brings chills.

It’s finally that time of year again. HBO’s hit fantasy show, Game of Thrones is playing their usual shock and awe games, surprising fans this afternoon by dropping the first official promo for Season 7. And while it doesn’t show us any big action sequences, in fact, nothing in this trailer may actually take place in the series itself, it definitely proves to us that this season is all about rulers. Two Queens, one King, each with their own different throne. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Believe it or not, this trailer does speak volumes about the season to come. After all, this is the first time in six seasons that we no longer have a clear villain that all fans hate with a burning passion. For the first three, it was Joffrey. Ramsay easily stepped into the role after Joffrey’s departure. And sure, while there are still characters we hate, none are standing out as brightly as those two did.
We’re now in the home stretch. The real threat has made itself known, and we are building to the ultimate showdown. I am of course talking about the White Walkers. And everyone, myself included, has assumed that the show will switch from its normal political intrigue to a battle of species. This trailer both proves and disproves this theory.
walker season 7
The final moments of the trailer showed us the eye of a Walker. Reminding us that while the battle for the Iron Throne is still real, it should not be at the front of everyone’s minds. Of course, before we zoom into the Walker we see Cersei, or the Mad Queen as she is now known, sitting on the Iron Throne and letting out a deep, icy breath. This could have been no more than a simple set up for the Walker shot. It could also be symbolism for her cold, dead heart (I’m just trying to be real). Or, if we really want to start theorizing, it could even be foreshadowing. Could this be Cersei’s fate? Not necessarily literally, but perhaps, while she is dangerous, she is as doomed as the Walkers are.
Season 7
As Thrones has now showed us, we have got three major players this season. All in different parts of the world. And this is incredibly exciting. We know that King’s Landing is going to be in absolute chaos thanks to Cersei, but what about Jon and Daenerys?
Jon has taken his place in the North. Dubbed The King In the North, he now has a group of loyal followers who are beginning to understand what the real threat is. But what about Dany? She is in a new location, one that we have not seen before, but one that feels very familiar. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that this is Dragonstone. It would make sense because truthfully, it is her strongest connection to Westeros. Not only that, but it’s her strongest connection to her own past, as she was born there.
better dany season 7
So, what does this mean? After all, Dany has been chasing the Iron Throne, determined to take her rightful place as Queen there for six seasons. But I wouldn’t worry. As time has gone on, she has grown, and I think she now realizes that in order to take the Throne, she must do so in steps. Dragonstone is only the beginning for our Khaleesi.
With each season that has passed, we have seen the women of the show becoming more powerful and prominent. Season 7 looks to continue this tradition. The War of Five Kings is over. Now, we have two Queens. And I could not be more excited.
You know the drill. Feel free to geek out with me in the comments! Summer cannot come fast enough!

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