Happy International Women’s Day! A Look At 5 Awesome Female Characters Of The Year

I don’t know about you, but I always feel super energized on International Women’s Day. Like this is the day I’m going to get stuff done. This is the day that every time I see a woman exist and be awesome, I’m like:


Let’s be real, I’m like that every day. But on March 8th, the rest of the world is on board to! We should be making every day a day to celebrate great achievements, and I try to praise women as often as I can here in my little corner of the internet. But for today, I’d like to do a little something special. This has been a big year after all. And I’d like to look at 5 amazing female characters that have entered our lives since the beginning of 2016. Now, I know I’ll be missing a lot, but one, I haven’t seen all the movies, and two, there are just too many to count!

So, in no particular order, let’s get rolling!

5. Harley Quinn


So, let’s get real for a second. Harley wasn’t as big of a part of the film as we all expected. Most of her one-liners were spoiled for us in the trailer, and while I still think she rocked the outfit like no tomorrow, to say she was oversexualized is probably an understatement. BUT!!! Thanks to the enormous support and love from the fans, we’re getting Gotham City Sirens!! This means a whole team of bad ass ladies, that Margot Robbie herself will help to produce! She has also promised a different outfit, so everyone wins. This movie wouldn’t be possible without our favorite Harlequin, so thanks girl.


4. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman went down, in many ways, the same way Harley Quinn did. She was, without question, one of the most anticipated characters of the year. But she only showed up for about 5 minutes in Batman V. Superman. Unfortunate? Yes. But in those five minutes, she kicked more ass than Batman and Superman combined. Girl gets stuff done! And we can look forward to seeing her in two movies this year, her own solo film and Justice League! Gal Gadot is proving to be an excellent choice so far, and if the trailers for Wonder Woman give any hint, it’s going to be a female driven film from start to finish.


3. Jillian Holtzmann


Now, don’t get me wrong. Each and every one of the new lady Ghostbusters deserve to be on this list. I love them all. But Holtzmann was a personal favorite, so I had to make a special spot just for her. She was kind of over the top, but that’s what made her incredible. She was wonderfully weird and never attempted to hide it. Why should she? She’s awesome! She’s very intelligent, funny, and the gun-licking scene? I mean if you weren’t cheering and tearing up, were you even there?

…okay you probably were. I’m just overemotional, but the point still stands! Holtzmann was an amazing addition to female characters we can look up to.


2. The Ancient One


Casting the fantastic Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One definitely raised some eyebrows. And while there is still some controversy around it, we can’t deny that it was a huge step in the right direction. The Ancient One is typcially portrayed as male, but you would never know it with the amazing job Swinton did. She portrayed the character with a level of danger, elegance, wisdom, and power that was perfect for the character, and I honestly doubt anyone else would have filled those shoes like she did. With both Doctor Strange and Ghostbusters casting females in traditionally male roles, there’s no question that this past year has been monumental for the film industry.


1. X-23 / Laura


And now we welcome our newest addition, a shockingly young character that was brought to us only this past Friday! Say hello to Laura, also known as X-23. If you haven’t yet seen Logan, I beg you to. It is without question the best superhero film ever made. Laura’s relationship with Logan is absolutely breathtaking, and she defies every trope and stereotype of a female character. If you have seen it, you’ll know how this film sets up her own solo movie perfectly. And honestly, we deserve a female-led X-Men movie. She’s a fantastic character, and there’s no question she fits under the category of bad ass.


There you have it! Some of the most amazing ladies this past year has brought us. And from the looks of things, the next few months are going to continue the streak. Let’s keep killing it, ladies. And Happy International Women’s Day!


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