Review Of ‘The Daddy Game’ By Shadez

Note: I received a free copy of this book from Online Book Club in exchange for an honest review. The Daddy Game was selected as an Book of the Day. You can check out both the novel and other reviews here!

Shadez, the author of The Daddy Game, recommends his book for single women. As a single woman I can say that this was easily one of the least enjoyable stories I’ve ever read.

The Daddy Game follows DeShaun, a player who has no interest in settling down. But when one of his old flings, Tiffy, informs him that she’s pregnant with his child, he doesn’t believe it for a second. Trying to keep Tiffy off his back and avoiding child support while still living his life the way he wants proves to be a challenge. Can he do it?

Shadez advertises the book as humorous and uncensored. And while I will definitely attest to the uncensored claim, I didn’t laugh once. On the contrary, I found myself rolling my eyes, sighing, or using all of my will power not to slam my laptop shut in anger. While reading, I could see which parts the author intended to be funny. There are many times when DeShaun plays out scenes in his head. He imagines different scenarios that are hilarious to him, ones where he holds control or power over women, even one when he turns a dominatrix into something like his slave. I wasn’t smiling, let alone laughing, at any part.

The story is told from DeShaun’s point of view, and I will give the author this much. He describes the book as being written from the perspective of a deadbeat dad. I imagine he isn’t supposed to be likable. Shadez was extremely successful in this. I hated DeShaun from beginning to end, having zero respect for him. But the problem with having a protagonist that is so unlikable is that it makes the book very difficult to get through. When you feel no sympathy or connection to the characters, you’re just reading words on a page. Unfortunately, this was the case for me with The Daddy Game.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. DeShaun is sexist. He views every female to be exactly the same, and he believes that the man always deserves more respect than a woman. If there is a man and a woman in the house, the man must be the one in control of the TV. At one point, he is genuinely confused as to why a woman doesn’t want to give him a blow job, because that should be all she wants to do. He refers to every female in the book in an extremely degrading way and let me tell you, he does not hold back.

I also feel the need to put a trigger warning, because there are a few references in thought and dialogue on abuse, handled very distastefully.

As I said, the book is written from DeShaun’s perspective, and it’s written as he would talk. At many times, this is slightly confusing. He drops the r’s in words (neva instead of never), so I wasn’t sure if certain words were genuine spelling mistakes, or purposeful ones. But to be honest, spelling mistakes were the least of my problems.

I found it so painful to get through a book that is written from the perspective of a man with such a blatant disrespect for women. I find myself shocked that the author thinks single women enjoy this. If you do, power to you, but personally I didn’t find even a sentence likable. When he isn’t taking advantage of women, he’s disrespecting and objectifying them, none more so than Tiffy, the women who he got pregnant. She was written to be the antagonist, but she was the only one I felt I could slightly sympathize with.

I give this book 1/5 stars. I would recommend people against reading this book, particularly my single female friends.

As always, thanks for reading, and remember that this is just my opinion. If you want to see others (quite a few really enjoyed this book), feel free to check them out, along with the novel itself, over at OnlineBookClub.


  1. Thank you for your very honest review! I had the same exact feelings about everything you said. I am extremely confused why anyone would find this book humorous because like you, I did not. Anyway, when I find someone who has similar views as I about a book that others disagree, it’s always nice to hear. This was a 1-star book for me too.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my novel!

    I appreciate your comments and your honesty and your point of view.

    I admit that DeShaun is an unlikable character and like the people he is patterned on, they believe they are the heroes of their own story. They are not and neither is he but they exist and they so have a story to tell. That is what I tried to portray without diluting the raw ugliness of their thoughts and nature.

    Interestingly I’ve had the opportunity to discuss the book with women and some have expressed that sadly, the characters are very real to them and the actions of these people have left them hurt and confused but the book has afforded them a possible glimpse into the mind of those people. They have even shared the novel with their older daughters as a cautionary tale.

    I respect your reaction and frankly I’m glad to have written a story that can bring about strong feelings. The worst thing that could happen would be to cause no reaction at all.

    You’ve posted a thorough and thought provoking review, and I hope you’ll be willing to review my books in the future.

    Sincerely, Shadez

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