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Evan Peters Finally Made His Appearance On ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’ But Was It Worth The Wait?

Hoo boy! Wednesday night, we all know what that means. American Horror Story. You know, I get why it has to be on at 10 PM, but it’s really not good for my nightmares. But I have to say, Chapter 5 was worth it.

Earlier in the evening, series creator Ryan Murphy tweeted out a rare hint.

Evan Peters makes his season debut in tonight’s American Horror Story: Roanoke…and no, he’s not playing a producer.

Twitter’s initial reaction was something along the lines of:


Quickly followed by:


I mean on one hand, EVAN PETERS. You couldn’t go on Twitter on a Wednesday night without seeing some confused, angry, and/or depressed tweet about AHS’s lack of Evan Peters this season. This is a huge deal!! But on the other hand, well, who’s he playing!?

The answer was glorious, my friend. The answer was glorious.

My Roanoke Nightmare wasted no time this episode. We got to see our baby in the first scene, making his debut as Edward Phillipe Mott. You should remember him being mentioned by Elias, and you should definitely recognize the name. Remember this guy from Freak Show?


Who doesn’t!? Well, Edward Phillipe Mott is Dandy Mott’s great, great, (insert a bunch of greats here), ancestor! Not only that, but he actually built the house. And it turns out that pettiness runs in the family. Edward was a bit of a man child, let’s be honest. Wearing a wig and suffering from what we now call social anxiety, he preferred to be alone. Obsessed with art (I mean to a weird level), he had countless priceless paintings, treasuring them above all else. He was pretty much horrible to all of his slaves but one, Guinness, who he took as his lover. Edward showed a bit of a softer side with him, but still was kinda out there.

Honestly, I ate up every second of this character. I saw Peters push himself in new ways, and I saw certain aspects return that I adore. First and foremost being the accent. It was over-the-top and the language was extremely enunciated, much like James March’s accent, if you’ll recall. Some hated it, but I thought it was so interesting and that Peters really pulled it off. I was super happy to see him in a similarly odd role, and thought he captured both the beauty and terror of the character perfectly.

Of course, he died within the first ten minutes. So, there’s that. But we did see more of him throughout the episode! We are dealing with spirits after all, what did you expect? He actually helps Shelby, Matt, and Flora escape the house, twice! The second time is seemingly for good. They escape with Lee alongside them, and everything seems to be great, to be honest. Apparently, they “never have to go back”. But is that really the case?

Let’s look at the facts.

FACT. We are halfway through the season. Do you really think they’re going to give us 5 episodes about Matt and Shelby trying to find a home? I don’t think so.

FACT. The show-runners already admitted to us that there would be a huge, game-changing twist in episode 6.

FACT…nope, that’s about all we have, folks. But two facts are actually pretty good for AHS.

The point is, there’s still a lot that’s going to go down in the next five episodes. Will Evan Peters be involved? While it isn’t guaranteed, I would say it’s likely. His name is in the title credits, after all, and I have trouble believing it would be there when he only appears in one episode! I’m not ready to part with any of the actors yet! Wes Bentley I definitely want to see more of (I’m adoring him this season, as always), Kathy Bates is doing what she does best (scaring the crap out of people), and just literally this entire cast is wonderful. I seriously doubt we’ve seen the last of Peters. The writers know better than that.

What did you think of this episode of American Horror Story? Where do you think it’s heading? Let me know down in the comments!


  1. I seriously think this house is MURDER HOUSE… like maybe the outside structure has changed a bit.. but that’s where my mind is going. Also the nurses we saw, we’ve seen them before in the HOUSE.. and the big thing I’m trying to figure out is are we seeing the Countess’ past lives or totally different and unrelated character!? Or descendent maybe and the witch had a child with a human which turned out to be Countess who then turned vampire as she was always drawn to the magic?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so hard to tell! On one hand, there are so many similarities. But it doesn’t completely match up. Murder House is in L.A, this is North Carolina. But who knows, maybe somehow it’ll tie together? You never know with this show!


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