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‘Once Upon A Time’: The Biggest Storybrooke Moments From The Other Shoe

Happy Thanksgiving, puddins! I hope you’re eating tons of turkey and pumpkin pie, and that, like me, you’re getting caught up on all of your favourite shows. Did you catch the amazing episode of Once Upon a Time last night? It was huge! Let’s recap some of the biggest and best moments.

Emma and Hook Are Stronger Than Ever


Whatever Archie is doing, it seems to be working. Emma is finally starting to open herself up and be honest about what she wants. From the very beginning of the episode, Emma seems to be looking at Hook in a different light. When Ashley comes to the diner and leaves Hook to play with her baby, Emma basically swoons (just like the rest of us). You could almost hear the ovaries exploding as he went from just staring at the child similarly to how he stares at cell phones, to putting whipped cream on his nose and making funny faces. And by the end of the episode, she’s right there with him, ready to take the next step. She asks him to move in with her, and there’s this moment of shock. He can’t believe his ears! “I have a closet full of red jackets, I feel like I can make some space for some black leather,” she says both jokingly and shyly. They share an adorable kiss that makes me curl up into a ball and cry because this is what this ship does to me.


Is Snow Opening Up a School!?


While trying to find a way to defeat the Evil Queen, Snow appears exhausted. She asks David if they will be fighting one villain after another for the rest of their lives. She admits that a part of her misses her cursed life, because things were simpler. And I mean, can we blame her? She was a great teacher after all, and it turns out she misses it! She mentions this to David in passing, and later in the episode to Regina. Snow worked her magic and introduced Dr. Jekyll to Dr. Frankenstein, and the two have now teamed up and are working together! Snow points out that it sounds like “a really first-rate high school science faculty”. She’s not wrong! I’d like to go to that high school! I really hope Snow continues with this, because when the series eventually does come to an end, this would be a great addition to the finale. Besides, it’d be nice to have something normal in Storybrooke. For once.

How Far Will David Go To Find The Truth?

Well, I’ll say this. If there’s one thing that the Evil Queen is good at, it’s messing with people’s heads. She recently got into David’s by planting a seed of doubt about his father’s death. Was it really an accident? Or could he have been murdered? He’s so desperate to find the truth that he makes a deal with Gold.


At the end of the episode, he confides his fears in Snow. He tells her that his father was stabbed to death, and his murderer could still be out there. Snow begs him to let it go, that no good can come of digging up the past. He agrees and tells her that he’ll burn the information so he can’t look at it, but at the last second, he doesn’t. Will he tell her the truth? If he doesn’t, that’s one more thing that the Evil Queen can use against them. Please, David, do the right thing.


Henry Is Finally Getting Some Screen Time


It’s nice to see after so many seasons with him in the background. The writers are definitely stepping Henry up, and they’re doing it in a brilliant way! With Operation Cobra Part 2 underway, he’s helping both of his moms in any way he can. He’s helping the people from The Land of Untold Stories, hoping to learn about their stories and help them find their happy endings. And now it looks like he’s really bonding with Hook! A fantastic moment is shared between the two of them as Hook takes over for Charming with the sword fighting lessons. Learning from both a prince and a pirate, sigh…who isn’t jealous!?

It actually is really exciting, though. After all, Emma and Hook are very serious, and have been growing strong for quite a few seasons now. I mean, can anyone say father figure? I’m hoping to see more of this, and soon! But either way, it’s just really nice to see Henry not getting left behind.

Is There Hope For Rumbelle?


Let’s go back a little bit, to the deal that David made with Rumple. It was no surprise that he wanted a deal, as he rarely will do anything just out of the kindness of his heart. However, the nature of the deal was indeed surprising. Instead of asking for something dark and dreadful, he simply asked David to deliver a tape to Belle. And when she listens to it, we hear a little nursery rhyme that he recorded for their unborn child. I have to admit, my heart melted a little. While I am extremely mad at Rumple and know that Belle deserves better, I think that maybe he could change for his unborn son. Maybe I’m naive, maybe I’m just trying to remain optimistic, but maybe there’s hope! He has a lot to prove, but hey, if Captain Hook can be a good guy, anything can happen!


The Evil Queen And Mr. Hyde Are Teaming Up


She may be evil, but damn, that woman is smart!! The Evil Queen has now set Hyde free from his shackles in exchange for his help. There’s no question that their loyalty to each other is far from absolute, but for now, they’re allies and this is bad news for the rest of Storybrooke. The Evil Queen feels that Emma is winning, and while that may be true for now, I don’t think even she realizes how much doubt she has placed in many of the heroes’ hearts. Now that she’s working with Hyde, it’s going to be about ten times worse. I definitely wouldn’t want to be a resident of Storybrooke right now.

Things are heating up quickly this season. Maybe Aladdin will be making an appearance next episode! Only time will tell. But whatever the case, Sunday can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, have a Hook gif.


You’re welcome.


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