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The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Teaser Has Dropped And Here’s How It Looks

Between Wonder Woman, Justice League, Beauty and the Beast, and countless others, 2017 is all geared up to be one of the biggest movie years in a long while. There’s something for everyone, with one of the most anticipated films being the 5th installment of the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean series, titled Dead Men Tell No Tales. The film has sparked debate and controversy among fans since its announcement. Some of the most devout followers, myself included, couldn’t help but feel more than a little worried. However, the teaser trailer has finally arrived, and we now have a glimpse into what we’re getting. Take a look:



To be completely honest with you, I was a lot happier with this than I expected to be!

I grew up with these movies. Watching The Curse of the Black Pearl for the first time was when I really knew that I loved film. And come on, I couldn’t have been the only one that had a giant crush on Orlando Bloom. The second, while nowhere near as good as the first (how can you beat perfection?) was still enjoyable, and the third one…well, it kind of makes me mad? I mean, Elizabeth and Will get married which is cute and all except she kind of shuts him out and becomes arrogant? And you know, there’s the whole WILL DYING THING. It’s been almost a decade and I am still bitter. That was not okay. On so many levels. It was so unnecessary!

But I digress. The third one, while angering, is tolerable and every few years I do enjoy sitting down and watching it again. However, the fourth film was all kinds of wrong. The best part of the story was Philip and Syrena, who didn’t get nearly enough screen time to make up for the rest of it. There has been an ongoing debate as to why the film failed, but what I believe is actually quite simple. You’re missing two of the biggest characters: Will and Elizabeth.

Sure, Captain Jack Sparrow, played by the marvelous Johnny Depp, is the main character. Of course he is! And we love him, he’s hilarious. But Jack’s not a hero. That part goes to the noble (albeit, slightly bad at decision-making) Will Turner, played by the amazing Orlando Bloom. He is a textbook hero, and while the films would be nothing without Jack, you need one of those. Elizabeth would have been great to see again if she reverted back to who she was before she kissed Jack, because, well, I’m still bitter. If you have a Will Turner, honestly, that should be good enough.

But I’m ranting. I’m sorry, I get a tad worked up. My point was that the fourth film failed partially due to a lack of Will Turner! So when it was announced that Orlando would be returning for the fifth film, well, you can imagine my reaction.


So you can imagine my reaction at the lack of Will Turner in that trailer.


Needless to say that this will be me if he turns out to be in it for only a couple of minutes:


But while we didn’t see Will, we may have seen his son! I mean, come on. You only have to look at Henry to see the Turner bearing. He has got tortured, dreamy pirate-waiting-to-happen written all over him.


The trailer didn’t give us much of an insight into the film’s plot. We already know that Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) and his ghostly crew are hellbent on killing every pirate at sea, including Jack. So Jack will be searching for the Trident of Poseidon, which will give him power over the seas. Plot wise, this could go either way. It’s not a bad plot, but it may not be a good plot either. It completely depends on the execution.

From what I’ve seen, however, I actually am getting my hopes up! It feels like we’re returning the the film’s roots, in a way. On Stranger Tides diverted from what we knew in terms of villains. The first three films, after all, dealt with some kind of undead enemy. Or undead-like, anyway. We seem to be returning to this in DMTNT, which will be exciting to see! Still no word on the other new characters, or on Will Turner, but hopefully the full trailer will divulge more. We have a new writer at the head of the film, Jeff Nathanson, who wrote 2002’s Catch Me If You Can. We also have two directors for the fifth installment, Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg, and it looks like these two always work together. As of right now, I actually have some hope for this film. Let’s just pray that it’s better than On Stranger Tides!

What 2017 film are you most excited to see? Do you think Dead Men Tell No Tales will be worth seeing? Let me know in the comments!

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