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‘Once Upon A Time’: Faith, Friendship, And Foreshadowing Star In Season 6 Premiere

What up, Oncers!? Last night, ABC’s hit fairy tale, Once Upon a Time, returned to our screens with the Season 6 premiere, and was it ever a big one! “The Savior” set up a lot of action for the coming episodes, from new characters to some potential huge deaths!


Let’s recap, shall we?

What’s Going On With Aladdin?

The episode opens with the only Aladdin scene, and it is a clip that was already released to us, where Jafar finds Aladdin with who we now know to be an Oracle. This scene actually does give us some context once we finish the episode, because we can assume that Aladdin has probably just foreseen his own death, or a similarly terrifying vision. Whether the tremors in his (and Emma’s) hands are due to fear or something more is as of yet unknown. Though it appears that next week we’ll be seeing more of Aladdin as well as meeting Jasmine! Hopefully this means we can expect some answers soon.

Captain Swan Is Going Strong

Back in Storybrooke, things are heating up. Literally. The writers know what we love, so they don’t hesitate in letting Captain Swan take over with a nice, steamy little make out session, as you can see down below.

 Seriously, Edward, Adam, THANK YOU.

Unfortunately, however, the bliss doesn’t last for long, which is no surprise. This is Storybrooke, after all. But truth be told, I’d really like it if these two could get through at least a day without something happening. Just to, you know, go on a date, make out, maybe watch some Netflix. Actually, I’d like an entire show on Hook commentating on other shows. Films, too, now that I think about it. Seriously, am I the only one that thinks this sounds amazing? Just imagine him watching Pirate of the Caribbean. God, I need this in my life.

But anyway, I digress (casually looks at ABC and waits for this to happen).

The couple started off quite happily, understandably so as Hook just came back from the dead, but there is some huge tension developing between the two. Emma has a nasty habit of closing herself off, especially from those she loves, which I believe is a mixture of habitual instinct and an urge to protect her loved ones. While I can sympathize, I think she’d have a lot less problems if she just was honest, if not with everyone, at least with Hook! He loves her, but the fact that she won’t open up to him is clearly frustrating. He did come back from the Underworld for her, after all. He really just wants her to trust him, and I have a feeling that if she doesn’t open up more, we could be seeing some lovers quarrels this season.

Mr. Hyde Looks To Be Taking A Backseat


Normally it would take our heroes an entire half a season to defeat a villain, but in “The Savior”, they managed to lock him up before we were halfway through the episode! Though Emma and Regina’s magic seems to be useless on him, Dr. Jekyll was able to scavenge parts from the crashed airship and recreate a weapon that would subdue his evil half. Emma used it just time, but though he is now locked away, I wouldn’t forget about him just yet. Emma went to his cell multiple times this episode, as he knows about her tremors. He also sent her to the Oracle, who explained her visions. If Hyde’s knowledge extends past this, as he is hinting, then we’ll be seeing even more visits. And let’s not forget the amount of jailbreaks that happen in Storybrooke. Chances are if he does escape, it’ll be in the middle of chaos.

Is Zelena A Villain Again!?

It looks like the sisterly love between Regina and Zelena may not have lasted as long as we hoped. There’s still a lot of tension between them, as Regina blames Zelena for Robin’s death and Zelena feels hurt that her sister got rid of the part of herself that was most like her. While I sympathize more with Regina, I really just want these two to get along! I’m honestly tired of this back and forth with Zelena. A big problem is that the two of them just yell at each other, and one of them (usually Zelena) disappears before anything can actually get solved. She feels hurt, which is fair, but when she returns to her own home, who should she see waiting but the Evil Queen. If these two team up, it means horrible things for Storybrooke. And also for Zelena’s character. I think if she does this, there’s no turning back. The heroes have forgiven her for a lot of things, but Zelena keeps going bad. Eventually, they will lose patience and won’t be willing to take a chance on her anymore. So I’m hoping that the Wicked Witch of the West is not so wicked anymore, and chooses Regina over the Evil Queen. If not…y’all better start running now.

Best. Friendship. Ever.


It looks like Snow and Regina’s friendship is now the one to beat! It has blossomed into something quite beautiful and strong, and honestly? It’s about time they got in the forefront. Their relationship is one of the most complex on the show, and it is proof that anyone can change. A relationship that for the longest time consisted of one wanting to kill the other now is about trust and love, supporting each other through the toughest of times. I love anything to do with girl power, and these two are a force to be reckoned with. It warms my heart just seeing them together and I can’t wait for more.

Things Are Not Looking Up For Rumbelle


After allowing Hyde to take Storybrooke as his own, Rumple discovers that in order to wake Belle, he needs to travel to The Temple of Morpheus, where there are sands that will save her. He sprinkles the sand over her and is transported into a forest, where he is greeted by a man who calls himself Morpheus. He welcomes Rumple to Belle’s dreamworld, where we find that Belle is living in a much darker version of his own castle, one where she is still his servant. This was arguably my favourite part of the episode. I love Belle and Rumple’s relationship, maybe because I hate it a lot of the time! It’s constantly changing, one that you really want to root for, but one that Rumple often makes it impossible to love. He attempts to make Belle love him again, but she sees through his tricks, remembering all of the promises that he broke. That is when we discover that Morpheus was not who he claimed. He was actually, wait for it…


I have to say, I didn’t see it coming. It was a weird but interesting twist that actually kind of worked! But for me, it made me feel infinitely bad for Rumple. His own son hates him, and he isn’t even born yet. Rumple is someone I truly want to root for. As a character, he’s one of my favourites for his complexities, but we can’t trust him. He always promises that he will change, but refuses to give up power, hurting those he loves in the process. It appears that his son already knows this, and Belle is refusing to give Rumple another chance. Part of me is cheering for Belle, because she deserves so much better. The other part is screaming at Rumple to change. Whether he will is hard to say. If anything could change him, I think it’s his unborn child. But only time will tell for sure.

Is Robin Hood Really Gone?

Last season we said goodbye to one of our mains, Robin. This was a huge blow to both Regina and the fans, especially considering that his soul was obliterated. But thanks to Henry, we now know that may not be the case. Regina confides in her son, admitting that she doesn’t quite know how to cope with this fact. But Henry says that he doesn’t believe it. Villains will say anything to hurt heroes, and he believes that there is a special place for good people when they’re gone. So, if Robin is gone, at least his soul is at peace. However, this feather of Robin’s that Roland left for Regina seems to be more than just a token. It was a recurring theme throughout the episode, which makes me wonder if it’s more than just a feather. Will we see Robin return? Is it even possible? Perhaps. The writers have been adamant on the fact that Robin is dead and not returning, but that’s what HBO said about Jon Snow, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. It could go either way, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high just yet.

Will Emma Die This Season?


Emma is looking tortured, as always, and this season she definitely has good reason to be. The entire episode she is plagued with an uncontrollable tremor in her right hand, which accompanies flashes of images in her head that she cannot explain. But after finding the Oracle, she discovers they are visions of her future. The Oracle forces her to watch the vision in full, and we discover that it takes place in the middle of the town. Emma is in battle with a mysterious hooded figure. As her friends and family run up, she is disarmed, her sword disappearing by the use of magic. She is stabbed by the figure, and we know that this moment is her death.

So many questions! Who is the figure? Many are speculating that it is Jafar, which is possible, but what if it’s the Evil Queen? There’s a lot of contrast already this season. Snow and Regina’s friendship is strong, but the Evil Queen will want to kill Snow White. Perhaps it’s the same thing with Emma. Or perhaps this is a new villain all together! But the more important question on our minds is if this vision is avoidable. Can she change the outcome of her future, or is it inevitable? According to the Oracle, one cannot escape the future, but I’m not so sure. Prophecies are shaky at the best of times, it’s impossible to tell what can come of them. I honestly can’t see Emma being killed off, because I don’t see it working well for the show. It’s too early in the season to know for sure, but knowing Once, I think we’re safe. For now, at least.

There you have it! “The Savior” set up a lot for the coming season. There are a lot of shifting dynamics and it’s going to be very interesting to see where it all leads us! What are you most excited to see? Let me know down in the comments!

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