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Rejoice!! Harley Quinn Is Getting Her Own Film!!!

You read that right, puddins!! Warner Brothers and DC have answered our prayers. It has been announced that Margot Robbie has officially signed a “first-look deal”!!!


Margot, along with all of us, have been rallying for a solo Harley Quinn film since we first saw her grace our screens in Suicide Squad. She captured our Harls perfectly, and I cannot express just how excited I am that we’ll be seeing her head her own film. Oh, and did I also mention that Margot and her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, will be executive producing?


We’re still in the early stages, so there’s no confirmation of any cast or plots yet, but I can hazard a guess. Margot has expressed interest in a film that features not only her fantastic anti-hero, but a whole group of female comic book characters. No word yet on who this could be, but it’s safe to say that Catwoman, Poison Ivy, maybe even Batgirl could be involved? Power Girl, even!? My mind is bursting with choices!


A lot are hoping this news will be followed by announcement of Jared Leto joining the team, starring alongside Harley as The Joker. As much as I love him and want to see more, I want this Harley spin off to be all about girl power, and the Harley/Joker relationship is anything but that. What I wouldn’t mind seeing, however, is for the film to start with Harley and The Joker, and seeing her break off from him, realizing that she deserves better, taking a stand. But either way, DC has listened to our pleas and has answered. First Wonder Woman, now this. What a time to be alive! You go, DC! You go, Warner Bros! And most of all, YOU GO MARGOT ROBBIE!!!!

Stay tuned for more info, puddins! I know I will be!


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