Fan Expo CAN 2016: My Cosplay Schedule

Hey puddins! The day is growing ever closer. In 10 days time, I’ll be in Toronto for Fan Expo Canada again! 10 days! It feels like only yesterday I was prepping for last year’s! As the day inches closer, my excitement and stress levels grow.


And if you’re like me, trying to finish your cosplays and feeling very crunched for time, you’ve probably mastered this face when someone asks you, “So, are you done your cosplay yet?”


This is the first year that I’m able to fully cosplay. I cosplayed casually for my first con, which was Toronto Comic Con a couple of years back. My friends and I went as the clones from Orphan Black (I was Alison because, well, let’s be real here). I cosplayed Elena at Fan Expo of that year, but it was on a Sunday and wasn’t super well known or anything. This is the first year that I’m actually able to spend money (my wallet disagrees) and time on a cosplay, so I kind of went crazy. During the course of the con, you can expect to see me in three cosplays, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lady Loki / Thor


The fabulous Apollonie is bringing my vision to life, making me the most incredible corset for this cosplay. I’ll be cosplaying a fem version of the mischievous Loki. You can expect to see me in this cosplay for the entirety of Thursday, as well as Friday morning. The timing is a bit weird, but due to a photo op being rescheduled I’ve had to work some magic.


Daenerys / Game of Thrones

I started watching Game of Thrones just over a year ago, and the moment I started I knew I needed to cosplay Daenerys at some point. I started the year long journey of turning my dark brunette locks to platinum blonde, ready to check cosplaying the Mother of Dragons off of my bucket list. Any Thrones fans out there will remember Episode 7 of Season 3, when Daenerys met with one of the Wise Masters of Yunkai and sassed the heck out of him. You can see me in my Dany garb on Friday afternoon. I’ll definitely be attending the Jack Gleeson panel as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

Harley Quinn / Suicide Squad


I’m working tirelessly on this cosplay, putting all of my heart and soul into it! While I love Harley’s original costume, Margot Robbie absolutely slayed in Suicide Squad. I love the costume, from the tattoos to the bright colours, so keep your eyes peeled on both Saturday and Sunday where I’ll be completely Harley’d up!

Feel free to come and say hi during the con, and follow me on all of my social media for updates throughout!

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Check out some of the must-haves for con-going, and I hope to see you at Fan Expo this year!

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress