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‘Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Did NOT Always Look Like This

With only a few weeks to go until the long anticipated release of Suicide Squad, fans can barely contain their excitement. From finally seeing Jared Leto embody The Joker to Margot Robbie completely slaying as Harley Quinn, there are so many things to look forward to. But HQ did not always look like she does now.

We’ve gotten used to seeing Harley like this:


Personally, I love everything about this costume. From the small details, like her “PUDDIN” necklace, to the way they incorporated the classic red and blue. They kept true to the basic elements of Harley, but they made it their own as well. This costume is just fun to look at it. It’s sexy and gorgeous, and a little bit crazy. It gives off very girlish vibes along with very adult vibes, and the weird combo just works so well for this character. But this was not her first costume.

Recently, photos were released of some of the original ideas for Harley’s look, and they are pretty different.



The film’s brilliant costume designer, Kate Hawley, revealed that they took inspiration from Mexican drug cartels along with from people like Patti Smith and Courtney Love. These looks are definitely out there, but honestly, I think they are almost too out there. None of us have seen the movie, of course, but these costumes look like they would be out of place. Even her makeup is more extreme. She looks crazy and dangerous. And while she is, the final product gave her more of a girlish insanity, which I think really worked.

These weren’t the only looks they played around with, either. For those fans upset that the jester suit wasn’t used, it wasn’t for lack of trying. They had it made for Robbie, and she looked amazing in it. But as the film changed, so did the costumes. The suit just didn’t hit the beats it needed to hit, according to Hawley, and so they didn’t end up choosing it.

So why did they go with this look?


Hawley has the best answer. She says, “She’s a girl’s hero. It was understanding how do we make her feel sexy by owning it as opposed to what a man thinks is sexy.”


Thank you, Kate!! This is such an important thing to understand, especially right now. Our society is all about sexualizing women, which is not okay. But there is a difference between being sexualized and being sexy. Harley Quinn is an undeniably sexy character. But as Hawley says, she owns it. She isn’t dressing or looking that way for her team’s pleasure. No, she’s the way she is because that’s who she is! That’s what she wants! We need to see more of that in our film and television, so needless to say, I am now even more excited for Suicide Squad than I was previously. I didn’t think that was possible, but here we are.


Do you think they went with the right costume choice? Let me know down in the comments!


  1. This is a good article, and I agree with the statement that heroines can wear what they feel great in as opposed to what a man thinks is sexy (despite the irony that Margot Robbie herself wasn’t a fan of the outfit because it -was- so revealing and uncomfortable, but I digress). I also like those initial looks, even. However, I don’t really like the final film outfit at all. This might work well on a different character, but one of the problems to me is how Harley’s looks have evolved into more lingerie/Hot Topic and less a play on an actual “Harlequin”. The original outfit encompassed this and her personality the best, and it mostly went downhill from there (with a few pretty cool exceptions). As someone commented on an article once, it’s like taking Batman’s outfit and saying “Hm, I don’t like the bat ears, or the dark color palettte, let’s change it.” Like I said, it’s a cool design, just not for this character. Just my two cents though!!


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