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What Leto’s Joker Is Up To In These New ‘Suicide Squad’ Pics

We have less than a month to go until Suicide Squad, and if you’re anything like me, you’re bouncing off the wall with excitement. How I am going to last the month, I’m sure I don’t know, but these new photos definitely help!



Entertainment Weekly gave us another reason to worship them when they released new exclusive stills. Some of them just look ridiculously bad ass, like Karen Fukuhara as Katana. But others actually give us some hints as to what we can expect to see in the film. More specifically, what we can see from a specific character.

And of course, I’m talking about The Joker.


Pretty much from the second the casting news was released, Jared Leto’s portrayal of The Joker has been such a massive controversy. And I was alongside many others in my doubts. My first reaction was surprise and a little disappointment. And after Heath Ledger’s stunning and jaw-dropping job, there was bound to be.

But trailer by trailer, photo by photo, my worries dissipated, and now I’m counting down the days until I can revel in Leto’s perfection. Because let’s be honest, The Joker is looking even more unhinged than usual. Leto completely immersed himself in the role, going all out with the infamous gifts we’ve heard so much about. I’m begging to see and hear more.

But whether you’re for Leto or against him, the one thing fans have been able to agree on is their confusion and wonder at what exactly his role will be in the upcoming film. Is he the main antagonist? The villain that our Squad must defeat? Or is he actually a member? Maybe he’s working with the villain? Maybe he’s just doing his own thing. No one was really sure until EW released the character profiles.

We can look forward to many surprises from the Clown Prince of Crime, I don’t doubt, but it looks like his main motivation in Suicide Squad will be to reunite with his lover, Harley Quinn. Their relationship is one I am extremely excited to see unfold, because its so twisted. You have these two really unhinged characters that are so manipulative, and basically just love chaos. It’s a really entertaining thing to watch.

Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert. I’m just getting into comic books, so there are many details that I don’t know. But The Joker is one of my favourite villains of all time, because he’s so off the wall. Batman has had some fantastic villains to go against, but no one, in my opinion, was as extreme as The Joker. I loved Heath Ledger’s portrayal. And that will always stay close to my heart. But Leto’s take is even more unhinged, even more deranged. And the farther gone a villain is, the more exhilarating it is.

Every new trailer and picture that is released shows more and more of Harley and The Joker together, which makes us question just how large of a role the twisted couple will play. It looks like a pretty big one! The deranged romance of it all is just so fantastic, and I really hope they focus on both aspects, because while it’s fun, it’s also toxic, so I’m excited to see how they portray it.

So did Harley Quinn agree to join the Suicide Squad in hope that she could be reunited with her one true love? Or does he seek her out? It looks like he’s pretty obsessed, but she is just as much, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it unfolds. Whatever the case, I’m excited.

It’s important to note that not all of the characters are as twisted as J&H. Look at Deadshot, or Katana for example. But the crazy ones are who we’re most intrigued about right now. And let me just be the one to say it:

As much as I love Batman, after Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader, well, I wouldn’t mind seeing Leto’s Joker kick his ass.


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