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Why I Loved ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Spoilers are coming, guys, you know the drill.

Last night, I went to see X-Men: Apocalypse, the follow up to Days of Future Past, (and yep, I saw it alone. I sense this will be my new addiction), and I went in both excited and nervous. Excited because I’ve adored X-Men since I first saw it as a child and I’m getting really into the comics right now, and nervous because most of the reviews I was hearing were really terrible, saying that the film was either too slow, too packed, or that it just was lacking a good plot. But I’ve never been one to base my opinions on reviewers (she says as she reviews), so I went anyway, and hoped for the best.

I can always tell how much I’ve enjoyed the movie if I’m shaking when I leave the theatre. After I’ve seen a good film, it’s like my body literally does not know how to process and take it all in, and so I shake. I actually shake. And boy, was I shaking last night!

Apocalypse is the villain of the film, a man who claims to be the oldest mutant, and very well may be. A powerful and dangerous foe, Apocalypse wants exactly what he is named for. He wants to wipe the Earth clean and start anew. Only the strong will survive, and he wants to lead those strong. He has four horsemen, Storm, Psylocke, Angel, and Magneto. Together they are a formidable force. Can the X-Men, currently a group of students only beginning to learn the ways of their abilities, be able to defeat their challengers? Or is the world lost?

I thought this film had the absolute perfect pace, covering plots that I was really excited and happy to see included (as I said, I’m starting to get into the comics). Such as Erik’s wife and child, and their heartbreaking deaths. It’s really what pushes him over the edge, and it’s so important for people to see. Without it, he seems like just some man desperate for power. But that’s not who Erik is. He’s a man who’s had pretty much everything ripped away from him. Does that justify what he’s done? Of course not. But it makes where he’s coming from understandable, and it makes him human (even though he’s a mutant).

The casting for this film, in my opinion, could not have been even slightly better. Everyone was perfect!! I loved Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt/Nightcrawler. Seriously fantastic casting on that one! I could go into detail about every single character, I’m just going to point out the one I was most impressed with, and that was Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.


Sophie is an amazing actress. And anyone who reads my blog will know I’m a massive Thrones fan, and Sansa is one of my favourite characters. As such, I was a little worried. Would I be able to see her as anyone other than Sansa? She proved that she has the skills to overcome that role, and totally stepped into Phoenix in a fantastic way. There was this moment, between her and Hugh Jackman, and I just get chills thinking about it. Wolverine’s just escaped (thanks to Jean), but they’ve not yet met formally. He murders his way through his prison, and is about to flee into the woods when he sees Jean, Scott, and Kurt. Scott is about to blast him, but Jean stops him, stepping towards Logan slowly. His claws start to retract almost immediately, and she helps him out of the contraption, digging out some memories to calm him. You totally forget that this is Sophie Turner, because it isn’t any more. This is Jean and Logan. It was honestly amazing to watch, and I cried during it. I think that scene sums it up pretty well.


We also saw some familiar faces! Moira returns to us and Charles gives her memories back! I love Moira, and it was nice to see that relationship back again. We also saw Havoc for a short time, and Quicksilver!! Quicksilver is the comedy of the movie, but he’s such a key character. Without him, countless would have died, and yet he manages to make us laugh while saving everyone. He’s an oddball, but it’s literally impossible not to love this kid.

I honestly don’t know what to say specifically that made me love this film so much. Maybe it was how it tied together. It felt like the film was giving us all the things we wanted to see. Erik’s family, Jean and Scott’s meeting, Jean and Logan’s meeting. It covered a lot of things that were enjoyable and incredible to watch, and it was awesome to see Mystique back on the side of the good guys. There’s, of course, many more plots to cover, and who knows, maybe those will come in time! But it worked as a great wrap-up, without destroying the chance of another film to come. Gave us hope, but also good closure. It’s a hard thing to do, but I thought they accomplished it.

I think my only complaint would be about Pyslocke. Olivia Munn was such a bad ass in that role, so it has nothing to do with her at all!! Seriously, Psylocke is one of my favourite characters! But she’s not always a villain. She’s actually a part of the X-Men. So, my complaint is that I hope people who haven’t read the comics don’t come out of the movie thinking she’s a terrible person! But that’s really not a plot issue, that’s me just loving Psylocke way too darn much.

I know it got terrible reviews, but let’s be honest. Our favourite films aren’t the ones that the critics rate 10/10 stars. It’s the ones we rate 10/10 stars. When I see a film, I want to be immersed. Forget who I am, forget the world I live in and live in their world. I want to feel a part of it. And if I do? They’ve done their job. And X-Men: Apocalypse did it. I can’t wait to see it again.

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