Rewatching Game of Thrones: Favourite Moments from Season 5

So soon! In such a short time, we’ll (hopefully) be getting answers as to the fates of our favourite characters. But until then, to hold you over a little longer, let’s go over the best moments from the most recent season!



A member of the Unsullied goes to a brothel, White Rat, and he doesn’t not have sex with the prostitute, but simply is held and hummed to. It’s really quite a tender moment, until his throat is slit. Revealing a huge villain of the season, the Sons of the Harpy are cut throat and really, really creepy.


Again, I actually clapped. I do that a lot while watching this show…but Jon deserved it! Showing both mercy and strength, earning the respect of many watching, including Tormund Giantsbane. Mance dies before the fires can inflict their worst pain. A merciful death that he most certainly deserved. Seriously, well done Jon.


black and white

Arya finally gains entrance to the House of Black and White, and begins her long and harrowing journey of becoming no one.

pod brienne

Brienne actually finds Sansa Stark!? But she denies her service. While its frustrating as a viewer, it makes a lot of sense and is actually quite intelligent. She shouldn’t trust strangers. Littlefinger may be sly, and only out to benefit himself, but better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.


While I think Dany made the right decision in executing Mossador, it was definitely a bad move to do it publicly. She should have done it in private. But she wanted to make a statement, and she did. She just made the wrong one.


Shireen is just a fantastic human being and her teaching Gilly how to read was so cute and adjadjajoeijadscjad *cries*.


The Election for the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch commences, and everyone is sure it will be Alliser Thorne that wins, until Sam steps up and puts Jon’s name forward. Sam said it best, Jon was who they turned to when the night was darkest. And with Maester Aemon’s vote, Jon Snow, the “bastard of Winterfell”, became the 998th Lord Commander. Jon really slayed in Season 5. For the most part…



Tommen and Margaery consummate their marriage and the difference between him and his brother is astounding. He’s very gentle, and while I want Dany to take the Iron Throne, I hope Tommen isn’t hurt. Because while he’s a Lannister, he’s actually really sweet. Which probably means he’ll be dead within the next couple of seasons.

high sparrow

When we’re introduced to the High Sparrow, he actually seems to be exactly what King’s Landing needs. Someone with the power to fight the corruption within the Red Keep itself. Unfortunately, while Cersei deserves punishment for, you know, killing the King and that fun stuff, Ser Loras does not deserve to be punished for laying with men. Or Margaery for defending her brother! Jeez, High Sparrow, I almost really liked you.


Another scene that begins and ends brilliantly. Everyone, including Thorne himself, thinks that Jon is going to give him the job of overseeing the making of latrines. But no, he names him First Ranger. Why? Maybe because he isn’t petty??

But when Janos Slynt blatantly disobeys Jon’s direct order, insulting him in the process, Jon orders Slynt be taken into the yard, and for Olly to bring him his sword. Ned raised him right, and following in his and in Robb’s footsteps, he knows that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. Despite Slynt breaking down, weeping and begging for mercy, Jon beheads him in one clean swing. Stannis gives a small nod of approval. If they don’t fear you, they won’t follow you. Little did Jon know that Slynt was one of the ones who betrayed Ned in King’s Landing, more justice was carried out by his actions that day than he was even aware of.



Jaime accidentally catches the Dornish man’s sword in his golden hand, pulling off the best move ever. Looks like the golden hand may be of more use than he had originally thought!


“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” SERIOUSLY, LIKE WHAT!?!?


grey miss.jpg

When Grey Worm is ashamed because he was scared he would never see Missandei again, and THEY FINALLY KISS.


Daenerys oh so casually brings the leaders of the noble families down to her dragons. I mean, that’s one way to smarten them up.


“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy, and let the man be born.”

stone men.jpg

The stone men are some of the creepiest creatures in the show, definitely some of the scariest. The fact that you cannot be touched by them, and they have so little room to move around in the boat makes it that much more suspenseful. And while Tyrion is clean, I am terrified of what’s going to happen to Jorah.



We see the Hall of Faces for the first time. It’s definitely one of the best, most eerie settings in the show.


Anything with Olenna is awesome, her sass level is off the charts. But the truth is, it’s Cersei’s denial that makes the scene. She truly doesn’t believe that the Tyrell’s will pack up and go home, but if anything happens to Loras or Margaery, King’s Landing, and the Lannisters’ supplies and money will be cut off. She doesn’t realize that this is not an idle threat, but a real potential problem.



Sam, with the help of Ghost, saves Gilly. Though beaten half to death, Gilly nurses him back to health, and they finally, after seasons of sexual tension and love, have sex.


Now this is a really weird dynamic. But Theon really does owe Sansa one. I can’t even blame him for telling Ramsay though. Yes, he’s trying to save his own skin, but I genuinely believe that he thinks he’s saving hers too.


 Ser Jorah impresses Daenerys in the fighting pits, whether she wants to admit it or not. Of course, things change when he reveals his face.


Cersei got what was coming to her, Cersei got what was coming to her! *dances*



This entire episode. There is not a moment of this episode which is not bloody brilliant. From Arya assuming the identity of Lanna, to Tyrion advising Dany, Jorah selling himself back into slavery for the chance to see his Queen again, to Theon admitting he deserved to be tortured but never killed Bran and Rickon, this episode is filled with beautiful, suspenseful, game-changing moments. Most of all is the Battle of Hardhome. Tormund trusts Jon, and a lot of the other wildlings have decided to join them. I mean, it makes sense. There’s only one real enemy, and that is the army of the dead. Speaking of, look who just happened to drop in! The battle itself is, again, game-changing. This is the first time we truly see the full force of the White Walkers. Jon discovers the Valyrian steel can kill a Walker, just like dragon glass. And the Night’s King has so much more power than we ever could have anticipated. He also delivered the biggest “Come at me bro” in the history of “Come at me bros”.




Davos says goodbye to Shireen, for what he doesn’t realize will be the last time. Because you know, Stannis is a jerk and BURNS HIS DAUGHTER ALIVE. The fact that the only time Selyse ever felt and showed love to her daughter was when she was being burned alive. Such a horrific, heartbreaking scene. Shireen deserved a better family. Her true family was Ser Davos, and everyone knows it.


People call Prince Doran a coward, but he’s intelligent. He knows the horror of war, and doesn’t want to put his country through that. It seems his son has learned from his way. But Ellaria Sand has a mind of her own.


THIS ENTIRE SCENE. This is one of the most intense, suspenseful, creepy, beautiful scenes in the entire series. Dany’s reaction when she sees Jorah down in the pits is heartbreaking, she doesn’t want him to die, and it’s clear she still cares a great deal for him. Tyrion tells her she can stop this if she wishes, but it’s as if she can’t even hear him. Jorah emerges the winner, though not without wounds, and saves Dany and Daario’s lives by throwing a spear through the Son of the Harpy behind them. They reveal themselves, covering the arena and surrounding them. Hizdahr dies, Tyrion saves Missandei, and Daario proves his skill as a warrior yet again. Jorah races to Dany’s side, and again, I must give praise to Ramin Djawadi, the music could not have better fitted the scene. The tempo is high, intense, creepy, the violin is racing in a high key, but suddenly, a break in the intensity. It changes to a soft, melodic tune as Jorah offers his hand to Dany, and she takes it. She continues to hold his hand as they run, along with Missandei’s. He’s clearly back in her good graces, finally!! But their efforts appear for naught, they are surrounded by the SotH, with nowhere to go. Until Drogon comes along, burning countless of Dany’s enemies alive. And just like that, Dany becomes the first Dragon rider the world has scene in many years. I cry every time I watch this scene. It’s such a beautiful moment, one we’ve been waiting for since Season 1. And it did not disappoint.



Another episode that I simply cannot choose the best scenes of, for the episode itself is too wonderful, filled with some of the most shocking moments of the season. Stannis is abandoned by countless of his men, his wife has committed suicide, out of grief, and Melisandre has deserted him, realizing her error. Brienne exacts her revenge, sentencing Stannis of the House Baratheon to die, and carrying out that sentence. Theon kills Myranda to save Sansa, and together, they jump off of Winterfell’s walls, and what once were to enemies are now united. What this means for them, I’m sure we’ll find out!

Arya exacts her revenge on Meryn Trant after a very cringe-worthy scene. But she stole from the Many Faced God, and as a result, becomes blind. Tyrion rules in Dany’s stead while Daario and Jorah search for their Queen, who has been captured by a Dothraki horde. Myrcella is poisoned by Ellaria, and for Dorne’s sake, let us hope they don’t discover it was Ellaria who killed her. Or there may be another war on their hands. But before she dies, she tells Jaime that she couldn’t be happier that he is her father. *Cries again*

Cersei is punished for her crimes, forced to walk the streets of King’s Landing, from the Sept to the Red Keep, naked, before the eyes of Gods and Men. I’ll admit it, at first the  “shame” was pretty enjoyable, but after a certain point, it stopped. I actually began to feel bad for her.

And of course, the fateful final scene of Season 5. The one the entire fandom still denies, on the night of Season 6. We deny because it’s the truth. Jon Snow is coming back. He may be dead now, it’s true. But he will not remain that way. He will be resurrected, and he will kick some major ass.

And that’s all! Hello Season 6, let’s get this show on the road!!

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress