Rewatching Game of Thrones: Favourite Moments from Season 4

Another fantastic season, another eighteen million character deaths.

Okay, I may be slightly exaggerating that number but only by a little bit. Season 4 of Game of Thrones is filled to the brim with some major deaths and plot-changing events, so let’s get to the best of them!



Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne…man did I love him. A lot. I always forget how deep my love for this character runs, seriously one of the best characters on the show. And his introduction could not have been better. From choosing the perfect prostitute with his paramour, Ellaria Sand (totally shipped them), to his hatred of Lannisters in action, we see the best aspects of Oberyn’s personality in this opening scene. But not only his personality, we also see his skills as a warrior, particularly his speed, driving a dagger into a Lannister soldier’s wrist before he can even reach his sword. I LOVE OBERYN.

We also learn why he’s in King’s Landing, an important little piece of information. Revenge is a dish best served cold and all that fun stuff.

jon snow

Jon’s testimony consists of the perfect amount of sass, burns, and actual common sense (that isn’t that common around the Night’s Watch lately). Seriously though, he didn’t try to hide or deny anything, he was completely honest. You can go suck an egg, Thorne.


theon shaves ramsay

Theon, now going by Reek, shaves Ramsay while Roose looks on. I’m pretty sure if anyone still held some hatred for Theon, it disappeared in this scene. He kind of reminds me of a lost puppy? I just want to hug him.


Bran touches the weirwood and…wargs into the tree? He sees events that have already happened and events that have yet to happen. The most interesting of which is the Red Keep, abandoned, covered in snow. Anyone reminiscent of what Daenerys saw in the House of the Undying? I really hope this happens either this season or next. If nothing comes of this reappearing image, I’m going to be really disappointed.

bronn and jaime

BRONN AND JAIME. Bronn’s bromance with the Lannisters bros makes me so happy. It was kind of sad to see how poorly Jaime fights with his left hand though.

bye joffrey

The entirety of the Purple Wedding. I’m not even going to try and pinpoint my favourite moments, because they were all so fantastic. All I can say is that my hatred for Joffrey somehow grew in his last episode, which made his death that much more satisfying. I cheered. I clapped. I almost called up my friends and threw a party. I’m sure I wasn’t alone.


sansa and p

Ser Dontos helps Sansa escapes, and gasp! Petyr Baelish!? Actually, not that shocking. Littlefinger does what he wants.


Tyrion and Podrick’s goodbye. Ugh. I’m still crying over how wonderful the relationship between Pod and Tyrion was. Or how perfect Pod was. Just as Pod. “There has never been a more loyal squire.” He’s such a sweetie and I actually cannot talk about this scene anymore because *crying*.


Daenerys begins the sack of Meereen. Starting with single combat, Daario Naharis easily defeats Meereen’s champion, very impressively I might add. But when Daenerys sends the chains flying over Meereen’s walls…it’s such an incredible moment.



So I did write out all of my favourite moments from this episode, but after finishing, realized that I had pretty much written down every scene in the episode. From Missandei teaching Grey Worm the Common Tongue, to the sacking of Meereen and crucifying of 163 Masters, Petyr Baelish admitting his part in Joffrey’s murder to Margaery and Tommen’s late night conversation, featuring Ser Pounce, Jon’s brothers backing him in avenging their Lord Commander, to the very sword the episode is named after (and Jaime and Brienne, of course), this entire episode is fantastic. It’s impossible for me to choose just a few wonderful moments, so I name the episode itself one of the best moments of the season. Boom.


pod and brienne

 Brienne is convinced Pod is completely useless until he tells the story of how he saved Tyrion at the Blackwater. She lets him take off her armor and he looks like a kid on Christmas.


I hate Lysa. She’s actually insane. And creepy. And there’s actually a moment of hope where I thought, wow, maybe Sansa will actually be okay here. But later, when Sansa sits eating her lemon cakes, which Petyr had three crates of lemons brought there just because he knew she liked them so much, Lysa quickly turns jealous, threatening her niece and accusing her of ridiculous things (that are only partly true on Petyr’s side, if we’re being honest). But Sansa has definitely become a better liar, easily manipulating Lysa back to a calm state. Well, as much as you can manipulate someone WHO’S CRAZY.


Jon and his brothers, including Locke, take back Craster’s Keep. Between Locke literally being ripped apart, and Karl vs Jon/one of Craster’s wives, the scene is bloody fantastic. Craster’s wives/daughters are total bosses and tell Jon to burn the keep to the ground, they’ll find their way, on their own. And Ghost appears at the end, the direwolf we all love and missed. Jon’s reaction just makes me so happy. The only part that absolutely killed me was Bran moving on, and not seeing Jon. While it was (probably) the right decision, I seriously just want one Stark reunion. Just one. YOU HEAR THAT, GEORGE!?



The Greyjoys vs the Boltons. There’s this anticipation and excitement, Theon’s finally getting out! But the poor baby thinks it’s a trick, and just hides, clinging to his cage. Ramsay comes in, and it turns out he’s just as good of a soldier as he is a torturer. Yara ends up telling her men that Theon is dead, which isn’t exactly untrue, and Theon/Reek is rewarded with a bath from Ramsay himself. As an avid watcher and fan, I hate seeing what Ramsay does to Theon, the control he has over him. But as a writer, it really is fascinating.


Daenerys is petitioned by Hizdahr zo Loraq for the right to bury his father’s remains, who was one of the masters crucified on her command. He actually spoke out against the crucifixion of the slave children, but he was killed despite this. Dany allows him to bury his father, but clearly it’s affected her. She realizes she needs to be less rash.

jaime tyrion

Jaime proves that he’s actually one of the best people in Westeros and offers to break his oath, leaving the Kingsguard and return to Casterly Rock, where he will rule as his heir. Something that obviously gives Jaime great pain, he does it for the love of his brother. But Tyrion remembers what happened to Ned Stark, and isn’t feeling too confident with his chances.


Freaking Shae. Rewatching it, did she just do it out of spite? Because she was spurned, and thought Tyrion didn’t love her anymore? Or did she never truly love him? Was it all just an act? Whatever the case may be, after this episode, my hatred for Shae was indescribable. Tyrion blows up on her and everyone else in the Throne Room, screaming that he wish he had let them all die. “I am guilty of a far more monstrous crime. I am guilty of being a dwarf!” SLAY TYRION SLAY. He should’ve kept his mouth shut, but boy, was it ever amusing. When he demands a trial by combat (something we should have seen coming, really), Oberyn sits up, curious. Ah, Oberyn.


lysa littlefinger

Again, I love this entire episode. Daenerys and Daario get together, Oberyn announces that he will be Tyrion’s champion, Jon’s more intelligent than Alliser Thorne, the usual awesome Westeros business. Though Oberyn is a very close second to the best moment in the episode, that one goes to Sansa/Littlefinger. Bye bye, Lysa!


theon reek

Theon pretends to be…himself? And breaks all of our hearts in the process.


GREY WORM AND MISSANDEI THOUGH. He comes to apologize after staring at her while she was bathing in the river, that he appreciates everything she does for him, that the lessons in the Common Tongue are “precious”. When she discovers he remembers nothing from his youth, she apologizes, but he tells her there is no reason to be sorry. If he wasn’t cut, he wouldn’t be an Unsullied, he wouldn’t have been freed by Daenerys, and would never have met Missandei. I’m just going to cry now, okay?


Sansa has completely changed, from the helpless little girl to a strong woman who knows how to manipulate others to get what she wants. She saves her own skin, but more interestingly, Petyr’s. He’s very impressed, and she emerges with raven hair and a plunging black dress. A look that matches this new personality change excellently.

oberyn mountain

Ugh. This scene is only on here for the beginning of it. Because while the end was horrifying and depressing as all Seven Hells, the rest of the fight was fantastic. Oberyn definitely gives the Mountain a run for his money, and is so close! So close to getting his revenge. So freaking close. I’m still bitter.

But regardless, the fight was fantastically suspenseful, and the Red Viper of Dorne was well named. He was without a doubt one of the best warriors on the show, his skill with a spear unparalleled.



I swear I’m not doing this on purpose. But this episode is like the Blackwater, the entirety of it takes place at Castle Black. The wildlings vs The Night’s Watch. There’s no way for me to choose a favourite scene, it was all fantastic. From Thorne admitting he was wrong to Jon taking charge and leading the men to victory, the episode itself, again, is a favourite moment. This is such a huge turning point for Jon, everyone looks to him in their moment of need. I don’t even think the men knew that they looked up to him so much. But what Sam later goes on to say in the fifth season is right. When the night was darkest, they turned to Jon. The only downside was the heartbreaking deaths: Pyp, Grenn, and of course, our beloved Ygritte. One of the most beautiful shots of the entire series is in this episode. The camera pans out as Jon holds Ygritte’s corpse in his arms, the battle raging on around him. I’m still crying. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.


jon mance

Jon heads beyond the Wall to try and kill Mance Rayder. They have a nice chat, some nice toasts, some strong alcohol, it’s all well and good until Mance sees Jon eyeing a knife. But before anything can come of it, war horns are sounded and I’m gawking at the TV as Stannis Baratheon himself rides up and thus ends the siege of Castle Black. I’m pretty sure this is the first good thing Stannis has done in this entire series.

jon ygritte

Jon takes Ygritte’s corpse beyond the wall and burns her, weeping as he turns away. I wonder if any ship will survive this show.


Again, everyone complains about Bran, but I think this plot is so intriguing! There’s so much to be done with it, and I can’t wait to see where the Three Eyed Raven takes him. The Children of the Forest, for which the episode is named, are also extremely fascinating creatures. We finally get a glimpse into what’s coming, which is awesome, but the fact that they killed off Jojen is really not awesome. I’m still bitter.


This is where I have to praise the show’s composer, Ramin Djawadi. A heartbreaking scene, made so much the more by the music playing over it. Not only is Daenerys faced with the horror her dragons can cause, such as the burning of a three year old child, but she chains up Rhaegal and Viserion in the catacombs, crying the whole time. They cry and scream after her, but she does not budge. It’s really a game changer. The Mother of Dragons whose dragons are now chained up? Was it the right decision? No one can really know. But either way, it definitely pulled at our heartstrings.


Cersei reveals to Tywin the truth of her and Jaime’s relationship, and it’s actually hilarious how in denial he is. He looked like he was about to cover his ears and say “LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING”. Can’t really blame him though. #Twincest

brienne hound

Brienne vs Sandor Clegane. Such an epic fight, but one I didn’t want to happen. While I love Brienne with all my heart, and was rooting for her more than I was the Hound, Sandor Clegane is actually a character I really liked. He looked after both Stark girls more than most on the show, saving both Sansa and Arya multiple times. Why couldn’t they have just teamed up together? Could you imagine? Brienne, Sandor, Arya, Sansa (they’d find her, obviously), and Pod. THEY COULD GET THEIR OWN SPIN OFF. I need to stop now, I’m picturing this as an episode of Friends and it’s really messing with my brain.

tyrion shae

Jaime frees Tyrion, making us love him even more. Tyrion kills Shae, which was so satisfying, and then goes and kills his father, which was just as, if not a little more enjoyable! He truly didn’t believe Tyrion would go through with it. I don’t know about you, but when Varys makes that fateful decision to get on the boat with Tyrion and leave King’s Landing, it enhances everything. It sort of backs up the fact that everything is going to change, and in King’s Landing, it won’t be for the better. After reading the book, I really wish they had included the truth about Tysha in the show. It totally changes the dynamic between Jaime and Tyrion and would have made the scene even better. But it was still good on its own.

And there you have it! I seriously did not realize how much I loved this season, and I swear I did not plan on there being three entire episodes featured as favourite moments in this post, but here we are. This season really turned away from the format of the books, but I think the way they split it up actually worked better for the format of the show. Only hours away from the Season 6 Premiere, I’ll be back soon with my favourite moments of Season 5!

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress