Rewatching Game of Thrones: Favourite Moments from Season 3

We’re getting so close!! With only days to go, I seriously need to pick up the pace with this marathon.

I just finished Season 3, and all I thought while rewatching it was how good of a season it was! I probably say this about every season, but this is definitely one of my favourites. Not only does it have some of the best moments, but some of the best episodes of the entire series. Speaking of, I actually have some exciting news!! I’m now a Contributor over at ScreenPrism, an awesome site devoted to answering questions of film/television, and I have quite a few articles up! Check out my article on the best episodes of GOT here, and click on my name for more of my articles!

Back on track, let’s get down to business (to defeat…the huns). Here are my favourite moments from Season 3 of Game of Thrones!



 I love this scene for so many reasons. One, I love every scene between Sansa and Littlefinger. It’s such a weird, creepy, fantastically complex dynamic, you simply can’t tear your eyes away! Two, Sansa delivers one of the best lines ever in this scene. “The truth is always terrible or boring”.  And three, because it’s the first time we really see how much Sansa is cared about. Up until now, the people of King’s Landing have seemed rather judgmental of Sansa Stark, but this season, she’s a favourite of many in the Capital. The almost protective instinct that so many of them have over her is really quite endearing and heartwarming to see.

ser barristan

We catch up with Ser Barristan when he saves Dany from the manticore! A fantastic addition to her council, may I say.


jojen and meera

Bran meets Jojen and Meera Reed, and Jojen explains that Bran is both a warg and has The Sight. Jojen and Meera are two of the best characters, in my opinion. I’m still crying over Jojen.

sansa lemon cakes

It’s heartbreaking to see Sansa so terrified, but heartwarming to see her making friends with the Tyrells. Even if it is only a power play, Sansa deserves a little love in her life. And you know, not to be surrounded by Lannisters all the time.


We see a very human, very honest side of Catelyn when she reveals that when Jon was a boy, she wished him dead. And when he was struck with pox, she felt terrible because she felt it was her fault, for praying for his death. She hated and blamed an innocent child when it was really the mother she resented. She stayed by his side all night, praying to the Gods, and promising that if he recovered, she would beg Ned to name him Stark and would treat him as one of her own children. But when he woke, she did no such thing. She admits that everything bad that’s happened to their family is because of her broken promise. It’s one of the most moving scenes in the show, and really, it’s nice to see her admit that she treated Jon unfairly.

brienne and jaime

Epic duel. I don’t know who I was more impressed with, Brienne, who was just absolutely slaying, or Jaime, who was slaying less so, but with chained wrists. Either way, somehow the fact that they tried to kill each other only makes me ship them more???



I remember watching this scene, and before he let the arrow fly, thinking that it would be so awkward if you missed. And then he did. Not once, not twice, but three times. One of the most awkward, funniest scenes of the season.


Up until this part of the scene, it was really quite beautiful, because we see a side of Jaime Lannister that we’ve never seen before. He stops Brienne from being raped from all of the men in the camp, showing a caring, human side to him. Especially considering he had tried to kill her not an episode ago. And this is his reward. I honestly don’t know if I was more disgusted or shocked. Jaime’s delayed reaction kills me, because I think it’s out of horror and fear rather than pain. God, I hate Locke.


jaime hand

And they make him wear his hand around his neck. Seriously what is up with people in Westeros?

But Brienne makes it all okay and convinces him to not starve himself to death by saying that he gets one taste of the real world, and gives up, just moping around. He’s more than just his sword hand. When she asks why he saved her, he doesn’t answer. Maybe he doesn’t know. Or maybe he’s feeling those love feelings stirring and doesn’t want to admit it.


Varys’ background is one of the coolest on the show, and makes us question so many things. The fact that he’s gotten his revenge is also really satisfying, because that means there’s hope for Tyrion’s.

The Tyrells are smart, and with Varys’ help, Sansa could be married away to Ser Loras. Sansa’s reaction, like pretty much everything about her, is heartbreaking. The idea of getting away from King’s Landing, of marrying more or less the man of her dreams is so overwhelming. It’s nice to see her smiling again. For now, at least.


Unfortunately, not the last mutiny in the Night’s Watch. This was so surprising and awful to watch. As soon as Mormont dies, you can just see everything unraveling before it actually does. It’s awful.


Daenerys receives the Unsullied, frees the Unsullied, and has all the masters killed within seconds. Not only does she have three dragons, she is the Breaker of Chains, and now has an army of 8000 Unsullied behind her. Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t love Daenerys?


kissed by fire

THE CAVE SCENE. THE CAVE SCENE. They should have just stayed there. I mean really. Ygritte wouldn’t have died, Jon wouldn’t have…you know. And hey, maybe Bran traveled that way and they could have had a little reunion? Should have just stayed in the freaking cave.

grey worm

We meet Grey Worm for the first time when he is chosen as the commander of the Unsullied. And he makes us all cry. When Dany asks him to choose his own name, one that gives him pride, he responds that Grey Worm does give him pride, because the name he was born with was cursed, he was cut and taken, trained as an Unsullied with that name. But Grey Worm is the name he bore when he was set free by Daenerys Stormborn. He wears it with pride. ALL THE TEARS.


So, yeah. Robb definitely shouldn’t have killed Rickard Karstark because they seriously needed his numbers. In that way, this scene is kind of like when Robb married Talisa. A fantastic scene, but horrible to watch because Robb is digging himself into a hole he can’t get out of. But I have to give a huge shout out to Richard Madden, he played this scene gorgeously. Very much reminds us of Ned Stark in the first episode. “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” So Robb does it, and he does a good, clean job of it. But his hand is trembling afterwards which is so good, because it reminds us he’s just a boy, he’s so young. To be fair, his next plan to assault Casterly Rock is genius, but unfortunately, you kind of need loyal followers who won’t brutally murder you at a wedding for that.

jaime and brienne bath

The bath scene is probably one of the best in the series for character development. Learning about what really went down between Jaime and the Mad King puts so much into perspective, and makes us fall in love with him even more (Brienne’s with us on this one). When he mutters, “Jaime…my name is Jaime”, I cried. There were actual tears.

Shireen and Davos

Shireen is such an adorable, sweet character. Ugh, I just want to give her a hug and slap Stannis really hard over and over again. And Selyse. I just want to slap everyone except for Davos, honestly. Their relationship is so cute, and I think it’s very father-daughter. He’s a friend to her, but I think he acts as a father should to her, and he definitely has a parental relationship with Shireen, I think. Again, there were tears. Teaching Davos how to read was so cute.


Jon and Ygritte

Jon and Ygritte’s kiss on top of the wall because Jon and Ygritte were life and should have just stayed in the cave or on top of the wall, and just…AHHDAJHOAHDSJAKS.



I mean pretty much every scene with Daenerys involves her being a bad ass, and this scene is no exception. But while rewatching, I wondered what would have happened if she had just taken Yunkai’s offer. Would she be in Westeros right now, building an army? Or is better that she build her army across the narrow sea? We’ll never know, but either way, offering the Wise Masters their lives was pretty awesome.

sansa and margaery

Margaery defending Tyrion is actually the best thing ever, because out of the Lannisters, he’s arguably the best one (a strong case could be made for Jaime). He’s never been cruel to her, he’s in fact saved her many times, and offered nothing but kindness. It may not be the ideal situation, but she has to appreciate what she can from it, otherwise she’ll just be miserable.

brienne bear

OKAY. OKAY. Probably one of my favourite scenes EVER of ANY show or film. This is such a huge turning point for the audience’s perspective on Jaime. If we hadn’t been completely won over by him yet, we were after this scene. The fact that he went back for Brienne at all was surprising and fantastic enough. So much respect for Gwendoline Christie in this scene, I can only imagine the fear. And for the bear, of course. The fact that Brienne’s stayed up this long is a true testament to how strong she is. And when Jaime sees her down there, with nothing but a wooden sword to defend herself, he doesn’t even think. This is a man who was sure he lost everything when he lost his sword hand. A man who can barely hold a sword now, jumps into this pit, defenseless, trying to protect a woman he tried to kill five episodes ago. They deny it to each other and they deny it to themselves, and maybe Jaime still loves Cersei too, but Brienne and Jaime totally are in love with each other and I swear to the Old Gods and the New, if they don’t get together by the end of this freaking show, I am going to raise all Seven Hells.

Sorry, I have strong emotions towards Jaime and Brienne. Not that it’s obvious, or anything.



Daenerys hosts the captains of the Second Sons, a company of sellswords, and one of the captains is the handsome Daario Naharis (original casting, I’d be lying if I said I don’t forget about that on a regular basis). She attempts to convince them to join her cause to seemingly, no avail. Just you wait, Dany. Just you wait.


Sam becomes the first person to kill a White Walker in a thousand years, saving both Gilly and her son, and gosh darn I wish he had a bigger audience, because he deserved a thousand standing ovations for that. At least.

sansa tyrion

The wedding of Sansa and Tyrion is one of the best scenes because its one of the worst scenes. It’s so painful, with it’s fair share of awkwardness, to get through. Tyrion and Sansa’s interaction beforehand gives us a semblance of hope, but of course that gets thrown out the window when it’s Joffrey that walks Sansa down the aisle. He removes Tyrion’s stool, making Sansa kneel so he can wrap the cloak around her. The feast is even more terrible. Tyrion and Joffrey both are more drunk than they should be. Joffrey threatens to rape Sansa, because he’s a terrible person. When Tyrion insists there won’t be a bedding ceremony, and Joffrey tries to threaten him, Tyrion responds that if he doesn’t stop, he’ll be, in his own words, “fucking his own bride with a wooden cock”. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh. A lot.

When Sansa and Tyrion get to their chambers, the tension is high. But Tyrion stops her from undressing, saying he will not force her, he will not touch her until she wants him to. Even if she never wants him to. Seriously, Tyrion, thanks for being one of the only decent people on this show.


dany takes yunkai

Daario + Jorah + Grey Worm = Best trio ever!! Yunkai is Dany’s.

bran wargs

Bran wargs into Hodor because everyone always complains about Bran but I think he’s pretty freaking awesome.

jon snow

Jon escapes from the wildlings. This is such a weird scene, for me at least. I love Ygritte, and Tormund is a pretty cool guy. But the rest of the wildlings? As a group they’re fairly savage, and it’s been clear from the start that Jon can never be that. He takes after Ned in that respect, loyal to a fault, but he wasn’t loyal to Ygritte before he joined the Watch. Ygritte and Jon is a relationship you desperately want to work, but know, as soon as they leave that cave, it never can.


This is the worst scene. The Red Wedding is quite possibly the most horrific thing that’s happened on the show, and that is saying something. Robb was one of my favourite characters, so I don’t know how I didn’t cry more. I think I was too horrified to even emote. Michelle Fairley is just golden in that scene.




I’m still laughing, not going to lie. And he has a good point. Any man who needs to say “I’m the King” isn’t really doing it right.


Mhysa! What an interesting, incredible ending to such a sad season. I cry every time I watch that scene, and wish that things could remain that happy for Dany. Such a touching scene, and it proves that, for now at least, she’s on the right path, doing the right thing.

Onto Season 4! As always, thanks for reading!

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