Rewatching Game of Thrones: Favourite Moments from Season Two

While the first season of Game of Thrones was wonderful, the second season holds some of my favourite moments of the series. The new characters are fantastic, but what’s more, the entire plot of this season, and the second book, Clash of Kings, is so intense, there really are the most amazing scenes in this season. So let’s get to it!



Joffrey’s name day tournament opens the season, and the entire scene is perfection. Joffrey isn’t even pretending to be anything less than cruel now, and would have publicly killed Ser Dontos if not for Sansa telling Joffrey it’s bad luck. He doesn’t believe her until Sandor Clegane agrees with her. Again, we see that protective instinct he seems to have over her (crying), and Sansa further convinces him to keep Dontos alive as a fool, convincing Joffrey it was really his idea all along. Tyrion quickly strolls in, surprising everyone, and wins all of our hearts by offering his condolences to Sansa, and sassing the crap out of Joffrey for his coldness. Seriously. How can anyone not love Tyrion!?


Robb and Grey Wind vs. Jaime. You can tell that Jaime’s impressed with Robb, and is more than a little scared of his direwolf. Seeing Jaime Lannister tied up and scared was a pretty satisfying moment.


And then repeatedly after the slap, Joffrey gives his mother a death threat. Seriously, this family is just fantastic.



When we meet Brienne for the first time, after defeating Ser Loras, and earning a place in Renly’s Kingsguard. I LOVE BRIENNE.


Tyrion slyly tests the members of the Council, seeing which will betray his information to Cersei. I’m pretty sure he’s the cleverest character on the show, let’s be honest.



When Tywin is so done for no one having realized that Arya is a girl dressed up as a boy. It’s so obvious, guys, come on.


While this scene is absolutely horrifying, its the horror that makes it one of the best, most intense and suspenseful scenes in both the book and the show. Joffrey is so furious at Robb Stark, he decides to have Sansa stripped and beaten in the middle of the Throne room, as his mother says they need her alive. Again, proof that Sansa just doesn’t get enough credit. She endures so much, and is one of the strongest characters on the show, no question. Sophie Turner plays this scene so horrifically well, the picture alone is cringe worthy. Before Meryn Trant can entirely rip her clothes off, Tyrion comes in absolutely fuming, ordering someone to cover her up, which Sandor quickly does, taking off his cloak and wrapping it around her. After sassing everyone in the room (particularly Joffrey), he escorts Sansa out of the room and asks if she wants an end to this engagement. She lies, saying yet again how she loves Joffrey and how she will do her duty, which leads Tyrion to smile, impressed that she may survive them yet. The entire scene is perfection, and as much as I hate Joffrey, I love what he brought to the show.


Daenerys, using her powers of persuasion, swearing she will have vengeance on Qarth with fire and blood should they turn her away, as well as with help from Xaro Xhoan Daxos, is let into the city. Things are finally starting to look up for the Mother of Dragons.


Weird, really messed up shadow baby thing. You knew I couldn’t get through this post without at least mentioning it. Somehow Melisandre gets to nine months pregnant in like, two seconds? Maybe shadow, demon babies are different than human ones?



Weird shadow Stannis? Either way, Renly’s death was extremely ill-timed, and Brienne’s reaction was heartbreaking.


When Jaqen H’ghar turns out to be a Faceless man, which is exactly what it sounds like, and can kill people like it’s no big deal. I’m still kind of upset Arya didn’t choose bigger names though. I mean, she could have ended the entire war in one shot, just saying.



When Osha seduces Theon in order to escape the castle with the boys, the direwolves, and Hodor. Seriously, Osha, you deserve so many rounds of applause.


The famous mob scene. This goes from a little amusing to really terrifying in seconds. No one really cared if Joffrey got attacked, but Tyrion? Sansa? For Sansa, it’s particularly disturbing and horrifying, as she’s seconds away from being raped, and would have been if not for the Hound coming in and tearing the men to shreds. Horrifying as the scene is, it’s beautifully crafted and definitely one of the more suspenseful moments of the show. My favourite part of this scene is Tyrion’s reaction to Joffrey’s indifference to Sansa’s life. *Slap*


Jon meets Ygritte. THE SHIP THOUGH. I always shipped them, but after reading the books, the ship heightened by like a million percent.



When we all knew there was no way that was Bran and Rickon, but we still cried at Maester Luwin’s reaction.


This entire episode. I’m not even going to try and pinpoint my favourite part, because this entire episode was perfection.



When Varys thanks Tyrion for his service, and knows he saved the city, but no one else will thank him, and the history books will not mention his name. Talk about a poor way to be repaid.


Sansa seriously needs a hug. It’s so cute and heartbreaking, seeing her so happy at being released from her marriage to Joffrey (and let’s give her a round of applause for pretending to be upset), only to see her realize she still has to stay. Even though Littlefinger is one of the creepiest guys in King’s Landing, his offer to help Sansa, though simply for his own agenda, I think is still appreciated.


I was screaming this entire scene. Actually screaming. On one hand, they’re so cute, and I love Robb, and wanted him to be happy. But on the other hand, I WANTED HIM NOT TO DIE AND HE KIND OF LOST THE WAR IN THIS SCENE. Seriously. You were engaged to another, to someone whose powerful family you needed as an ally. I know you love her, we do too, but you gotta just put that aside if you want to live.

Clearly he did not hear this advice.


When Jaime sees Brienne fight for the first time and can’t help but be impressed because she’s made of nothing but awesome.


Winterfell burns and Luwin dies. This is such a huge turning point in the show. Winterfell was the first place that we really got to know in the series, and seeing it burnt, knowing that the Starks won’t return there (well that’s we thought, anyway), really felt like an end of an era. I think this scene definitely foreshadowed that things were only going to get worse, especially for the Starks. And yep, I cried throughout this entire scene  too.

In the inner sanctum with Pyatt Pree. Dany commands her dragons to burn the room with Pyatt Pree still inside

While this scene was unquestionably more terrifying and bone chilling in the book, it still was a fantastic scene in the show. I was really happy that they brought Jason Momoa back for this episode, and again, it just shows Dany’s strength. When she steps outside to go the tent, she’s right outside of the Wall, and I’ve always wondered if that was foreshadowing of some kind.

And I love the next scene, where Dany locks Xaro and Doreah up without hesitation. Do not mess with the Mother of Dragons.


Jon vs Qhorin Halfhand. This was such an amazing, intense, heartbreaking scene. I don’t know what was more heart wrenching, Jon realizing what he’s done and what he now has to do, or the fact that the Halfhand willingly sacrificed his life for the Watch and for Jon. Again, it’s such a huge turning point because we realize that things are so much more complicated than we could have imagined.


I don’t even need to explain this one.

Alright, time to start season 3! I am cutting it a little close, but considering I got through all five seasons in two weeks the first time around, I’m really not that worried.

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Fiction’s Mistress