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Liam Cunningham Knows A Huge ‘Thrones’ Secret And We Finally Find Out What Ser Davos Is Up To In The Season 6 Trailer

Not even going to pretend I’ll start writing less Game of Thrones posts, because that just isn’t realistic.

So Liam Cunningham, also known as Ser Davos, was trailed by a sniper from HBO last night while doing an interview on Conan. What else is new?

Last night, Cunningham admitted that George R R Martin (also known as the God of Death) told him a MASSIVE secret that nobody else knows.We aren’t even allowed to know what the secret is, that’s how secret it is. But from the sounds of it, this Thrones actor may know who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne.

I can only imagine how many emails he’s getting.

Conan tries to ask the Onion Knight if Jon Snow is really dead or not, but before he has a chance to answer the question, the sniper sends a little red dot his way. But we end up getting something even better. WE GOT A CLIP.

Did I hyperventilate? Yes. Am I still freaking out? Of course. Is this post even going to be comprehensible from this point forward? We’ll see.

Here’s the interview and the clip:




First thing’s first. Ghost is still here!!

We saw the first part of this clip at the end of the Season 6 trailer, and from just that alone, we assumed that Davos was drawing Longclaw in order to battle the men in the room. Turns out that we couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s incredibly heartwarming to see that there are some men of the Night’s Watch that are still loyal to their former Lord Commander. Along with Davos, they draw their swords and face the door, where outside, Alliser Thorne and the other mutineers (let’s just call them what they are) listen in and start beating down the door.

So why are these men trying to get at Jon Snow’s body? To stab him some more? Doubtfully. More likely they want to burn his body, perhaps even dismember it, to ensure he doesn’t come back as a Walker (I’d probably root for them if Jon Snow was on there side, let’s be honest). So why are Davos and the others guarding Jon? I mean, even if he was your best friend, you’d want to burn him to ensure he didn’t come back as a monster. So, wouldn’t the reasonable explanation be that they are guarding his body because there are plans set in motion? Resurrection plans? It would make sense for Davos to guard Jon’s corpse to ensure nothing happened to it, maybe while Melisandre is making preparations?

Does this clip prove that our Lord Commander is coming back? Maybe in a subtle way. Am I clinging to anything I can get my hands on? Maybe in a not-so-subtle way. But no matter what, I think we can all agree that this clip only made the wait for Season 6 more impossible.

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