‘Pride And Prejudice’: A Spoiler-Free Review

Pride and Prejudice is such a classic story, even those who haven’t read it have heard the name Elizabeth Bennett or Mr. Darcy once in their life. And quite frankly, I’m a little ashamed that it’s taken me up until now to read it. It’s such a well known and beautifully written love story, and honestly, one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Pride and Prejudice is one of, if not the very best love story that ever was. It isn’t love at first sight, not in the least. The complex yet beautiful relationship between Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy blossoms over time, unexpectedly, and not without effort.  Certainly one of the most romantic stories, it also has an element of realism, in that sense, that many tales are lacking.

The book of course is perfectly titled, as both pride and prejudice play massive roles in it, and the contrast is actually really lovely. Jane Austen creates this dynamic between our two characters, and though told almost entirely from the viewpoint of Elizabeth, we see both the virtues and vices of both our hero and heroine very clearly, which I absolutely adore.

Though the story itself was lovely, the writing itself was lovelier still. The language is so rich and flows effortlessly. The witty banter between Bennett and Darcy is genius. I definitely don’t recommend reading this in a library, you won’t be able to keep your reactions in!

I remember, while reading the book, thinking that there certain parts that dragged a bit, but now, having finished the novel, I can’t remember what they were! The last part, particularly the last 100 pages or so (possibly more), was so engaging, I could not put it down! I only finished it a couple of days ago, and yet I already cannot wait to re-read it. I most definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s loves the most rich language, beautiful ballroom dances, wit, humor, and the most wonderful romance. You will not be disappointed.

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