Rewatching Game of Thrones: Favourite Moments from Season One

It is no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that I am a little in love with Game of Thrones. Season Six is only weeks away, and as such, I’ve started my marathon of the previous five seasons to refresh my memory and see the little things I may have missed the first time around.  And after finishing season one (and shedding many tears), I decided to compile a list of my favourite moments from each season. So, without further ado, my favourite moments from season one!



This is one of the earliest scenes in the show, and it’s so vitally important. We are shown right off the bat what kind of world Westeros is and not only that, but we see so much of Ned’s character in this scene. One line that will forever stay with me is, “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” Here we have a guy who just got beheaded for trying to stay alive, running away from dead people, and yet we’re rooting for the one who did the beheading! Bravo, George R. R. Martin, bravo.



Because Joffrey getting slapped is the best thing I’ve ever seen.


This is the scene. The scene where Daenerys and Khal Drogo go from one of the worst couples on the show to arguably the most shipped couple in the series.


Bran wakes up as Lady dies. FORESHADOWING ALL OVER THE PLACE.



Not only is Daenerys starting to act like a Khaleesi (not a Queen, mind you), stopping the Khalasar, but Viserys is strangled by Rakharo’s whip when he threatens Dany, and then forced to walk the rest of the way, a very shameful thing among the Dothraki. This scene was fantastic for too many reasons to count.



SLAY DANY SLAY!! Really coming into her own now, realizing her strength and power, after Viserys attacks her she fights back and hits him with a leather and metal belt. Ouch! She tells her brother that the next time he strikes her will be the last time he has hands. Can I get an amen!!?


SAM!!!! Honestly, everything between Jon and Sam, especially in the first season, is perfection. Right away, we feel endeared to him, and after learning why he’s at the wall!? It’s the beginning of one of the best friendships on the show.



The entire joust itself is fantastic, from Ser Loras giving Sansa the rose, to the horror and surprise at the Mountain cutting off his horse’s head in one swing. But the actual battle between the Mountain and the Hound is so intense and shocking. Honestly, I really like Sandor Clegane, and when Loras lifts his hand in the air and everyone stands and claps, there were tears.


There’s a scene in this episode that goes on for a decent amount of time, and while it’s a completely dialogue driven scene, it is, in my opinion, one of the best and most interesting scenes of the season. Cersei is talking with Robert, and really, it’s the first time we see them have a conversation without arguing with each other. It starts with battle strategy and what is to be done about Daenerys (in which Cersei actually agrees with Ned), but quickly moves on to their relationship, and Lyanna Stark. It’s a rare side of Cersei that we see in this scene, a more human side, with no (at least, seemingly) devious plans behind her words.


Ned vs Jaime. Forget about the intensity but it shows a lot about their characters. While Ned is clearly a good swordsman, he doesn’t enjoy fighting for the sake of fighting. Whereas Jaime is thoroughly enjoying every second of it, a smug smile on his face almost the entire time! And we have to give Jaime this much, when his man interferes with the fight, he refuses to continue.



From Tyrion’s major sass to the first time we see an actual Trial by Combat, this entire scene is made of pure gold (Lannister gold, probably). We see the blossoming of an unconventional friendship between Bronn and Tyrion. I honestly don’t know what I enjoyed more. The actual battle, Tyrion’s sass level, or the perfect little exchange between Lysa and Bronn.

“You don’t fight with honor!”
“No…he did.”


Disgusting and beautiful, all at once. Daenerys absolutely rocks it in this scene, eating that horse heart like she does it every day. The fact that Drogo carries her around the tent afterwards in pride just makes it all even better.


Viserys’ death. What a fantastic (and slightly creepy) villain, but it was time to see him go. After stumbling into the tent drunk, threatening not only Dany, but her child as well, there was no question as to what would happen next. Definitely one of the more gruesomely creative deaths, this scene was all around brilliant. Particular shout out to Harry Lloyd. Perfection. And remember, “Fire cannot kill a dragon.”



“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”  Classic.


My babies take their vows. *Cries.*


The beautiful mix of love and intensity in this scene is perfectly balanced. The love in his eyes, how it sounds as if he’s choking back tears when he asks if she’s hurt, and directly afterwards, making the decision to cross the Narrow Sea. We see both extremes of Drogo in this scene, and the contrast is really quite lovely.


“I did warn you not to trust me.” That’s true, Ned, he did. WHY DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TO HIM, NED!?!?!?



My respect and love for Septa Mordane cannot be described.


Robb orders the bannermen to be called, and the ravens fly. Theon asks if Robb is scared, and he says he must be, as his hand is shaking. Theon says this is good, and when Robb asks why, Theon gives the best answer. “It means you’re not stupid.”


Jon vs Othor. In this scene, Jon, with the help of Ghost, proves just how skillful and smart he is. And you know, saving the Lord Commander’s life and killing a wight is pretty impressive.


This is better than a mic drop, to be honest. I’m so glad we see this, because up until then we’ve never really seen Drogo’s skills as a warrior! Well, his reputation doesn’t even begin to do him justice. I mean, we all remember the tongue scene. *Cringes.*


I don’t know what my favourite part of this scene is. Robb standing up to Jon Umber, Grey Wind being a bamf like, or Bran’s face when everyone starts laughing. He’s so confused and laughs nervously and it’s actually one of the best reactions in the series.



Longclaw!!! There is kind of a father-son relationship between the Lord Commander and Jon, and this just makes it more potent. It’s really quite a beautiful relationship, and was one of the best on the show.


THIS SCENE. We’re on the edge of our seats because of Mirri Maz Duur and the dark, blood magic she is performing inside the tent. Then the Dothraki are getting restless. THEN Ser Jorah fights Qotho after he tries to hurt Daenerys, proving both his loyalty, as well as what a skilled swordsman he is. And then this. THIS. Don’t get me wrong, Khal Drogo and Daenerys are the ultimate ship. But Daenerys and Jorah? I SHIP THEM WAY HARDER THAN I SHOULD AND I CAN’T EVEN CARE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THIS SCENE IS BEAUTIFUL.


So, obviously this isn’t my favourite scene from a fan’s perspective. It’s actually probably my least favourite. But this scene, while heartbreaking, was fantastic for that very reason, and was done so beautifully. The fact that Ned gets the message across to Yoren, and he is able to shield Arya from seeing it is a comfort to him, it’s obvious. At least he can save one daughter from that pain. But he still knows that Sansa’s there. And this is where we have to give a huge round of applause to Sophie Turner, who is absolutely brilliantly heartbreaking in this scene. I really want to go into depth, but there aren’t words for how incredible she was. Let’s be honest, I’m still crying over this scene.



This is so heartbreaking. One, it shows the strength of Catelyn, who has to be strong for the whole army really, but especially for her son. This scene reminds us of just how young Robb is, and how much responsibility he has to carry. It’s definitely one of the more emotional scenes of the season.

Now having seen the true Joffrey, we know he’s one of the cruelest, if not the most cruel on the show, making Sansa look at her father’s head, and telling her he’ll be putting Robb’s head up there next. Sansa replies that perhaps Robb will give her Joffrey’s head. Joffrey has Ser Meryn hit her, and we see her strength and anger when she looks at the drop below and goes to push Joffrey over it. And then the Hound steps in. He could have easily made it clear what she was going to do, which would have caused her to be beaten even worse. But he didn’t. He simply gave her a handkerchief, and this really is the beginning of a most unusual relationship on the show. It’s not a friendship, but it’s more than an acquaintance. It is as if he’s acting as her protector, and it’s something that confuses my heart immensely. The scene ends with Sandor telling her to keep the handkerchief, as she’ll be needing it again. It’s such a dark scene, telling us that Sansa’s pain is far from over, and will only get worse from here.


Robb is declared the King In the North. And I cry. A lot. Seriously, goosebumps every time.


When Jon runs away, planning to join his brother in battle, Sam, Grenn, and Pyp catch up to him and convince him to stay by reciting the words of the oath they all took, standing around him and saying it together. The brotherhood in this scene definitely pulls on your heartstrings and, again, I cried. Honor made Jon leave, and the honor of his friends brought him back.


Daenerys really overcomes in this episode, and the decision to kill Drogo, to set him free, is more heartbreaking than words can describe.


And finally, it is proven that once and for all, that fire cannot kill a dragon. Her transformation in the season one finale is massive. She sends Mirri Maz Duur to her death, relishing in her screams of pain. She burns her husband, placing the dragon eggs around him, and steps into the fire herself. Jorah is convinced that she is going to take her own life, but at seeing her Unburnt, surrounded by dragons, he bows, saying “Blood of my blood.” They could not have ended the first season in a better way than the people bowing down to Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, and now, the Mother of Dragons.

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