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‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer Analysis And Theories, Cont’d

It was only a week ago that the official trailer for HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones was released, but it feels like it’s been so much longer with the amount of theories, arguments, and articles on the internet. Not to mention the tears. But while I was flipping through my notebook today, I realized just how many pages of notes I had on the trailer that broke HBO records, and I mentioned only about half in my post last week! So here goes. Part two of my Game of Thrones trailer extravaganza (it sounds so much more exciting this way!).

As always, book and show spoilers are coming.


You have been warned.

Last week, I briefly talked about Melisandre and Davos, mainly in regards to Jon Snow. And obviously, in a perfect world, they’ll work together to bring him back. But truthfully, what could the events of season five mean for the two of them? More specifically, their relationship? They’ve never been the…ahem…best of friends, to put it lightly. Considering Davos tried to kill her and all, I think it’s safe to say they only tolerated each other because of Stannis. He was the common cause that united them. But what will it mean for them now that he’s gone? Melisandre admits that everything she saw in the flames was a lie. Will Davos blame her for Stannis’ death? Will he try to kill her? Or will this, somehow, make their alliance all the stronger? Perhaps they work together to get revenge? But even if Davos doesn’t blame the red priestess for Stannis, I highly doubt he’ll be as understanding about Shireen. Will Melisandre be able to talk her way out of this one? Perhaps, but I’d be lying if I said the odds were in her favor.

I also mentioned the Iron Islands last week, and there’s definitely a lot they can do here. There’s always a chance they’ll go in an entirely new direction, but my guess is they’ll be pulling at least a little bit from the events of previous books that they haven’t yet covered in the show. This would be a perfect opportunity for the Kingsmoot, which also gives the entrance for Euron Greyjoy, or Crow’s Eye, who we know will be appearing this season. And what about Victarion? We’ve heard no news so far, but I still can’t help but wonder if he’ll be appearing this season along with so many other members of the Greyjoy family. We’ll see.

What with there being so many characters and plots on this show, it’s no surprise that so much happened in this trailer. We get a glimpse into King’s Landing, and what’s flying with the Sparrows (bad pun, I’m sorry).

“Everyone of us is poor and powerless. Yet we can overthrow an empire.” It really feels like we are building up to something big with the Sparrows. The High Sparrow is certainly right, they have more power than the King himself (thanks Cersei). Between King’s Landing, and more specifically, Cersei, worrying about Dorne, Winterfell/the Boltons, and the Iron Islands most probably taking this opportunity to strike, their biggest worry should be the Sparrows themselves, and the most dangerous war will very likely be within their borders, with the Sparrows. Perhaps if Tommen sees some sense and listens to someone like Margaery instead of his mother, Westeros may stand a chance of avoiding complete chaos. But how likely is that?

Across the Narrow Sea, we haven’t seen much. But we do hear a little of Tyrion’s advice, though we have no idea who he’s saying it to. “You’re in the Great Game now. And the Great Game is terrifying.” The Great Game referring to the Game of Thrones, but who is he speaking to? It would make the most sense for him to be saying it to Daenerys, and it’s completely possible that he is. Or perhaps, if not to Dany herself, maybe to her council? Then again, maybe he’s saying it to someone as a threat, or a warning, like Cersei did to Ned back in season one.

As far as the visuals go, we again do not see much of him. It’s fairly dark where he is, the only light is coming from the torch in his hand, and he looks a little uneasy. Maybe he’s going down to the other dragons? The fifth book ended with the Rhaegal and Viserion escaping, could the sixth season mimic that?

 In Braavos, Arya is still at the House of Black and White, getting pretty beat up by the Waif. She’s still blind, for now at least, but any book readers will know that this blindness is only temporary. How temporary will it be in the show? It may be for only a couple of episodes, perhaps even most of this season, but I highly doubt they’ll keep her that way for the rest of the show, as she only advances in her training and truly begins her apprenticeship after she regains her sight.

And then, of course, we have Sansa. We didn’t see much of her in this trailer, not more than a couple of seconds, really, but she certainly doesn’t look as ragged as she did at the end of season 5. So where is she? Did she catch up with Brienne and decide to trust her? Perhaps she went to the Wall? Is Theon still with her!?!? Maybe his family found them? There are so many options, one being that she’s back with Littlefinger. He definitely isn’t Sansa’s first choice for an ally, but when you’re accused of murdering the King, your whole family are (or were) considered traitors, and you’re on the run, you really can’t afford to be that picky, unfortunately.

And what about Littlefinger? Honestly, like Sansa, we saw only a second (if that) of Petyr Baelish in that trailer, so most of it is all speculation right now. But from the looks of it, he’s back in the North, if not Winterfell then the Vale, as Cersei gave him the go ahead to gather the knights of the Vale to reclaim the North for the Lannisters. Although, with someone as sly as Littlefinger, whose decisions are based solely on what he will gain, we all know that he works for no one but himself. We learned that back in season one with Ned for R’hllor’s sake! Oh Ned…

This actually leads us into perhaps the biggest and most important moment in the trailer. The long anticipated flashbacks.

We only see glimpses, flashes of what’s to come. But as the internet has proven time and time again, that’s all we need. We see a glimpse of what we have presumed is a young Ned Stark, and more importantly, of Rhaegar Targaryen. Now, even if this isn’t Rhaegar, whoever we saw in the trailer was most definitely wearing Targaryen armor. Whether it was in fact him, or just a Targaryen soldier, the internet has all agreed that this season we are most definitely getting R+L=J.

Usually I am not one to read up on book or television theories. I prefer to sit back and wait to see what happens. But this is a series that I have done more research on than I would care to admit. For any of you who don’t know (and if you don’t want to know, PLEASE STOP READING NOW), R+L=J is in regards to Jon Snow’s parentage. ‘R’ stands for Rhaegar Targaryen, “L” for Lyanna Stark, Ned’s late sister, and ‘J’ of course for Jon. Timeline-wise, it all makes sense. And Lyanna being Jon’s mother would explain why he has the Stark look about him, because he is, in fact, a Stark. But he’s also a Targaryen. And why show flashbacks of Rhaegar except to show the audience that he is in fact Jon’s father, not Ned!? Lyanna could have easily asked Ned to keep her secret, and Ned, being who and how he is, would have, raising Jon as his own son, which makes me have even more respect for Ned considering how Catelyn treated him for it.

If all of this is true, this would make Jon heir to the Iron Throne. Jon is Daenerys’ nephew. As the Targaryens almost always marry their siblings to keep the line pure, an Aunt/Nephew relationship, while messed in our world, would be not entirely outside the norm in Westeros. And as I’ve mentioned before, the series is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Wouldn’t it make sense for one, either Daenerys to be fire, and Jon to be ice, or Jon to represent both ice and fire, being half Stark and half Targaryen?

Many people on the internet have speculated that if he is in fact a Targaryen, if the Night’s Watch were to burn his body, the fire wouldn’t hurt him at all. It may even revive him, as Daenerys came out of the fire unscathed and stronger than ever. But either way, whatever happens, we’ve all more or less agreed that Jon Snow is not dead, and whether by fires, Melisandre, or some other unknown power, he shall be resurrected and become Jon Targaryen.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to freak out with me in the comments!

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