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‘Game Of Thrones’: Twists and Turns

It’s no secret that I am a massive Game of Thrones fan. And the past month, it’s certainly been showing more than usual. You can thank the show runners and the cast for that.

With the last day of February coming to a close, we are coming nearer and nearer to April 24th and the season 6 premiere, which of course means that this is the optimum point for teasing us. And teasing they are.

In the past week alone, we’ve seen the official season 6 posters, learned of a major twist that will appear in the books, but cannot appear in the show, and, thanks to Sophie Turner (AKA Sansa Stark) last night on the Oscars red carpet, we know for a fact that Sansa will not be one of the dead this season. Of course, I say that. But with the plot twists on this show, who knows? Could Sophie just be playing with us? Hopefully not.

But truly, what can we expect from the next season, or the next book? How do you predict the unpredictable? Every episode, every chapter has proved to us time and time again that no one in Westeros is safe, and yet we still trick ourselves into thinking some of them are still untouchable. But Jon Snow, along with one of the biggest twists of the series, reminded us that truly no one is safe.

Still, I know that personally there are a few characters I can’t imagine them killing. Daenerys, for one. Perhaps my deep love and adoration for her is clouding my judgement, but they couldn’t kill her, could they? She has to win the Iron Throne! Doesn’t she? Doesn’t she? And while Tyrion Lannister has come close to death, he’s escaped each time. Not only would they not kill Tyrion, they couldn’t! Right? And I think Petyr Baelish will always stay ahead of the game. He always has, after all.

However, the writers wanted to so kindly remind myself and many fans that every twist is possible, with the absolutely terrifying season 6 teaser and posters. No one is safe. For now, at the very least.

So, where does this leave us? With Sansa (presumably) home free for this season, who could be in the major death count this season? While Daenerys would be an incredibly shocking and devastating loss, I’m not entirely sure she makes the cut. Would they kill another Stark? I don’t think they’re yet done with Bran. Will this be Arya’s last season? And what of the Lannisters? All I hope is that if one of the twins have to go, it won’t be Jaime. Although, as much as I hate her, Cersei would be a huge loss. I would miss hearing Lena Headey’s amazingly witty threats and disses every episode. But I digress. I wouldn’t be surprised if King’s Landing suffers more than a few losses, as I cannot help but assume that they will be at war with Dorne soon. And if that is the case, what a perfect time for the Iron Islands to strike. If I were Daenerys, and not captured by what appears to be the Dothraki, of course, I would just sit and wait until her foes in the Seven Kingdoms destroy themselves. It doesn’t appear like it will take very long.

Or perhaps it won’t be one of the major families that will take a hit. Maybe Sansa escapes, but Theon will perish. Brienne now having fulfilled her vow to kill Stannis, will she find Sansa? Will she protect her, maybe die trying?

And of course, there’s Jorah Mormont. Back in season five, while Tyrion and himself were travelling through Old Valyria, you will recall they battled off men afflicted with Greyscale. After escaping, Jorah looks down to see that he has been touched. Will his death be quick and easy, or slow and painful? Will Daario perhaps put him out of his misery? Certainly if anyone knew, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would want to be well rid of him. If so, I only hope he sees Daenerys one last time, and gets a final goodbye.

And what about this huge twist that George R R Martin revealed would be appearing in the books? We know it can only happen in the books because it involves a character that has already been killed off in the show. This doesn’t leave us with a very short list. So lets’s look at the big, and arguably most probable, characters.


In my opinion, this is pretty likely. They have yet to resurrect Catelyn on the show (though I must admit I’m still holding out hope), but we left off in A Dance With Dragons with Brienne and Jaime heading off for an unknown destination. Prior to this, Brienne had been taken to Lady Stoneheart, and being friends with Jaime, she was accused of forsaking her vow to Catelyn and in fact working to destroy her daughters! We know, of course, this is not the case, but before she seeks out Jaime, we see her being hanged! Did she escape somehow, and now means to kill Lady Stoneheart? Did she at the last moment give in, and vow to kill Jaime (doubtfully, knowing Brienne’s loyalty and courage)? Or did she in fact die there, hanged, but was brought back to life and is now like Lady Stoneheart herself, bloodthirsty and a little insane? Only time will tell.


While killed in season 5 by Brienne of Tarth, Stannis is very much alive in the books, though certainly suffering. Theon and Jeyne have just arrived at his camp, and if Stannis does keep them there, and Ramsay catches word of it, no doubt they will feel his fury. And we all know how creative the Boltons get with their punishments.


When we left off, Ser Barristan was about to lead Meereen into war. A feat he cannot accomplish on the show, as he is, sadly, dead. Who knows what could happen in a massive battle?

There are so many possibilities, but currently, I think that Lady Stoneheart is most probably involved. Of course, this only makes me question everything I know. If I’m expecting it, it probably means it’s not happening.

Let me know all of your theories and thoughts in the comments! I’d love to fangirl and cry together.

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